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If you land in the universe of dungeon through Guy Delisleknow that this gigantic saga which already has more than fifty albums deals with a humorous universe of Heroic Fantasy, positioning itself at different times in its history. Antipodes + and Antipodes – at the ends of the saga, Potron-Minet and Dusk respectively at the beginning and at the end of the Dungeon, without forgetting Zenith which occupies the central part, with a children’s series entitled Dungeon Parade which focuses on a specific moment.

Transversely, the volumes of Dungeon Monsters are interested in a particular character, at a specific moment in this elastic timeline. It is therefore useless to follow the numbering of the Dungeon Monsters in order. On the contrary, they rather represent an open door to this extraordinary experience, especially since each of the volumes is drawn by a guest author, for the duration of an album, to deliver his own vision of the dungeon.

Nice surprise for this novelty, because it is the talented Guy Delisle who settles in the chair for the time of an album. Certainly the multi-award-winning designer, including a Fauve d’or at the FIBD in Angoulême, is more accustomed to realistic universes, but he skillfully finds his marks to lighten this dense story while stuffing it with endearing characters, starting with the young and new heroine Andrée. The other recurring characters are recognizable at first glance, notably the infamous Guillaume de la Cour who parodies Guy Delcourtand the whole fits very successfully into the saga, thanks also to the colors of Walter.

A new "Dungeon Monsters" for halloween

On the scenario side, Sfar & Trondheim eased up on humor, to deliver a fable a little more horrifying than usual. Was it an inspiration for Halloween? In any case, the story gives pride of place to death and ghosts of all kinds, all boosted by a drunken teacher who sometimes sends shivers down the spine.

If all this is not really your cup of tea, then you will feel immediately at ease with the young little lawyer around whom the story focuses. Andrée arrives at Necropolis to find a job there. Indeed, this city is very rich, because all Terra Amata buries its relatives there to benefit from the magic of its cemetery: to be able to communicate with the dead.

Not a fan of death, Andrée is not really at ease in this city where more dead than living wander around. However, whether you are hot or cold, the law applies differently. And that is enough for the municipal council to decide to eradicate part of the cemetery and the people who reside there, whether they are undead or alive-alive, in order to enlarge their city. Andrée does not find that the means used are very legal, and as she hates illegality, she leads the investigation, without imagining the tragic consequences that will ensue.


The difficulty of dungeon is that readers want to be constantly surprised while maintaining the initial framework that suits them. If we make the exception of humor, which is therefore lighter in this case, this novelty will certainly suit them, because it connects episodes very distant from each other, skillfully playing on a place where time has no difficulty. ‘effect. Enough to transform our young lawyer into a strange character who must learn to control her powers and her… devouring hunger!

The other side effect is not to focus on the Dungeon for a while as usual, but to start at -79 (Potron-Minet) and ending in 9 (Zenith), namely the two historical slots that correspond to the future albums that are expected for these two series. We are also waiting for volume 9 of Donjon Zénith for next week!

As for those who regret the avalanche of information for the benefit of the action, we for our part appreciated the construction of this new heroine, named Andrée, while being almost certain that we will still hear about her in the next volumes to come.

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