A parody of Trudeau’s attitude against truckers triumphs in Amazon Canada

The regular reader of this publication will not need to be reminded of the gigantic step towards totalitarianism that he took Canadain the figure of its prime minister, Justin Trudeauon the occasion of the protests of the Liberty Convoy against the draconian control measures adopted by your government with the excuse of the pandemic. Trudeauwith the invaluable collaboration of the major national media, demonized the truckers who occupied the capital Ottawaand resorted to measures as patently incompatible with a democratic regime as allowing banks to cancel the accounts of dissidents at will, or to detain peaceful protesters without trial.

The truck drivers lost their pulse, and for world public opinion they became a kind of fascist army of occupation. As for the opinion of Canadians themselves, few data can be as significant as that offered by the list of best-selling books on Amazon Canada, a list that heads “How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom”.

Loosely inspired by “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” a popular children’s book by Dr. Seuss that has been made into a movie, this spoof story follows the adventures of a president obsessed with taking down freedom-loving truckers who invade his capital.

This “prime minister” is a singularly obtuse ruler with “a brain three times smaller” one of the normal ones who plans to take away the freedom of his subjects with tricks similar to those used by the Grinch to steal Christmas from Whoville. In true Seussian fashion, it is written in verse, almost like a nursery rhyme. “From coast to coast, truckers drove through the snow and their small, marginal number continued to grow. Then, one day a trucker appeared in the citywith thousands behind for miles around,” reads a passage describing the arrival of the Liberty Convoy.

The author is a father from Calgary, Derek Smith, who has granted an interview to the dissident medium Maverick Media to talk about his strange success, by becoming the most read author until last Tuesday in Canada by the giant Amazon. Smith attributed the ranking to a review on conservative Canadian YouTube channel Clyde Do Something that sparked enough buzz for the book to topple the best-selling title, a novel by the author. Colleen Hoover.

Smith is not a political activist, much less a professional politician; simply, she followed with interest the vicissitudes of the truckers’ protest in the hope that they would achieve their goal of ending the crippling state of emergency imposed by Trudeau. For this reason, like so many others, he bitterly regretted the outcome of the adventure, in which many organizers were imprisoned or financially ruined. It was then that he had the idea to write a mock children’s book inspired by the events.

In the usual spirit of these works, Trudeau’s name is never mentioned, and from the first page he warns that “the views and opinions expressed in this book are those of the characters alone and do not necessarily reflect or represent the points of view and the opinions of the people these characters are based on.”

Otherwise, Smith hardly leaves anything out, chronicling the Canadian Prime Minister’s outrages, almost a parody of a “woke” leader himself. In one passage he gazes in ecstasy at a framed portrait of Winnie the Pooh, an obvious stand-in for the Chinese president. Xi Jinping (and a reference to Trudeau’s infamous 2013 comment that he admires the “basic dictatorship” from China).

“How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom” it is Smith’s second foray into writing politically inspired fake children’s books. Let’s Go Brandon, released in October, follows the travails of an unlucky boy named Brandon who represents the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

A parody of Trudeau’s attitude against truckers triumphs in Amazon Canada