A return to normal, or almost, for the “Bye bye 2022”

Everyone, collectively, we were tired of talking, hearing about, and living with COVIDlaunches Simon-Olivier Fecteau, who is piloting his seventh Bye in a row.

Even if there is no containment measure during the broadcast of the show, I much prefer a normal year than a year of COVIDhe adds, smirking, in reference with record ratings 2020 and 2021 emissions.

Simon-Olivier Fecteau signs his seventh “Bye bye” in a row.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Karine Dufour

A year-end marathon

On Wednesday evening, the production team of Bye-bye 2022 was still working to finalize the editing of the show, but still expected to complete everything before December 30 at midnight. The essential ICI Télé year-end review, followed by nearly five million people in 2021, will be broadcast just under 24 hours later.

As this major television event approaches, Simon-Olivier Fecteau admits to being less stressed than usual. Everyone is stressed, but not so much. It’s the seventh year, it seems that we get used to everything in lifehe said, laughing.

Guylaine Tremblay with a beard and a jacket, in front of fruits and vegetables.

Guylaine Tremblay, in the role of “Guillaume Le P’tit Viarge”, a parody of Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, had been appreciated by the public in 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada

As the saying goes, he and his team revisited the news that imposed over the past year. In other words, subjects who rake wide and which are known to the majority of French-speaking Canadians, in order to make a large audience laugh.

And as always, Simon-Olivier Fecteau refuses to reveal the ingredients of his secret recipe. However, he claims to have put the package both in terms of the means of production and in terms of the content to bring the sketches of the Bye-bye 2022which star Guylaine Tremblay, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and François Bellefeuille.

Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and Patrick Huard, who conquered the public last year with the Toune of the coronavirus (again) and the segment parodying the Mega Fitness Gym of Quebec, are added to the main distribution of the Bye-bye 2022.

They are extremely prolific and talented. Having them in the team, it adds a lot of possibilities, and it brings their universeargues Simon-Olivier Fecteau.

Aim straight

Each year, the team Bye has the difficult task of delivering incisive and muscular jokes, while avoiding the trap of bad taste. A major challenge, after a year marked by debates on the limits of freedom of expression.

Simon-Olivier Fecteau isn’t afraid to get wet, however. On the contrary: he feeds on the tense social climate, which he considers to be conducive to humor.

Humor is built on tension. If there’s no tension, there’s no joke, he says. Sometimes you just have to mention a topic and it gets tense, and it can get funny.

It seems like “we can’t say anything more”, it’s a false premise that we tell ourselves collectively. We can say things, but it strikes more. So that’s just good news for humor. »

A quote from Simon Olivier Fecteau
A scene from the sketch “Les beaux malaises”.

In 2021, Martin Matte had made an appearance in a sketch inspired by the show “Les beaux malaises”, which parodied the stress associated with confinement.

Photo: Radio-Canada

One last rodeo at the old Radio-Canada tower

In recent years, the Montreal staff of the public broadcaster have gradually left the old Radio-Canada tower for the New Maison Radio-Canada, located a few hundred meters from each other.

The team of Bye-bye 2022 therefore found herself alone, or almost, in the former premises of the public broadcaster, which fed some tasty anecdotes, according to Simon-Olivier Fecteau.

Anyone you meet in the hallway is working on the Byeor is a mover moving stock from the old towerhe says, laughing.

Close-up of the top floor of a skyscraper revealing the location of the illuminated Radio-Canada logo.

The Radio-Canada molecules were removed this summer from the tower at 1400 René-Lévesque Boulevard in Montreal.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Marie-Eve Cloutier

In particular, the team saw the electric wires of one of its three studios being cut by mistake by a mover, making it unusable for a few hours. “Not unplugged there. Cut. With some cutters “, he specifies.

We are really at the end of the life of the old tower. We totally feel ithe concludes.

the Bye-bye 2022 will be broadcast on December 31 at 11 p.m. on ICI Télé. The duo made up of producer Guillaume Lespérance and content director-producer Simon Olivier Fecteau is at the head of the show, with Maxime Caron in script-editing.

A return to normal, or almost, for the “Bye bye 2022”