A stewardess parodied a common situation in the plane bathroom with her partner and the video became a rage on TikTok

Ally is a flight attendant who has already turned quite the TikTok celebrity for giving travel advice. He also sometimes shares videos of some interesting moments that happen to him on the plane, as well as moments from his personal life.

On this occasion, he wanted to exemplify one of the situations that most occur to him in the day-to-day of his profession and made the virtual community laugh. Along with one of his classmates, he parodied what it’s like to help passengers find the bathroom inside an aircraft.

The clip tries to reflect a recurring reality: travelers never know how to open the toilet doors. This despite the fact that they always receive instructions and support from the cabin attendants. In the recording, it is observed how Ally, in the role of a traveler, receives a simple instruction to do so, but still does not achieve her goal.

“Excuse me, is this the bathroom?” the woman asks the stewardess. He replies that he was in the right place and that I just had to push the door to enter. The passenger then begins to try, and although she makes several attempts, all are unsuccessful.. The footage shows him pressing any button in sight, despite the flight attendant continuing to tell him to just push.

The two hostesses did their best to make visible something they experience every day, but in a funny way.

Two flight attendants parodied how passengers try to open an airplane bathroom

What the tiktoker and his colleague they wanted to emphasize is that regularly customers don’t even listen to directions. That is why they do not fully understand how to use this service to do their physiological needs. This is because in the video you can see how the woman he tries for a long time to open the door and does everything to achieve his goal, except push just as you were told. It takes so long, that the worker you have time to eat, prepare some drinks and even check your tablet for a long time, according to the parody.

One aspect that the content creators wanted to make clear was that The instructions that appear in some sections of the aircraft are important. In the specific case of the bathroom, they showed that there is an image outside that indicates how the door should be pushed to make it easier to enter.

The influencer’s video went viral and therefore received thousands of comments from the virtual community. Opinions were divided. Even though it was a comedy clip, many users found it inappropriate. Others, for their part, only focused on the dramatization and laughed out loud at the performances of the young people.

The instructions that are outside the bathroom of an airplane
The instructions that are outside the bathroom of an airplane@allycase1/TikTok

Some travelers gave their own verdict and They asserted that in reality the doors of an airplane are confusing: “I managed to get in, but I couldn’t get out and I had to ask for help”; “The people who can really get through that tiny door are not many.”

On the other hand, some more felt outraged by the parody and they urged Ally to kindly help the passengers open the door: “It is better that you open the door for him (instead of just telling him to push)”; “What is it hard for them to help?”; “They are supposed to be customer service assistants,” they wrote.


A stewardess parodied a common situation in the plane bathroom with her partner and the video became a rage on TikTok