After me, the flood

The queen of Tolosa does not deserve the deluge proposed by her colleague Louis XIV, hers is, without a doubt, less elegant, tawdry and perverse.

While the Sun King insisted on going down in history as the greatest monarch of his time, our suburban queen is satisfied with getting out of court cases and eternalizing herself or leaving descendants in power to ensure that she does not repeat the cares that these accusing fingers cause him or share his reign with a treacherous puppet, this kind of Pinocchio who seems to have a life of his own like the character created by Carlo Collodi. Unlike the syrupy version of Disney, in the original version this doll was clumsy, ignorant, malicious and always surrounded by bad company. In our case, he at least doesn’t grow his nose, although he shares the same habit of lying.

We witness the decline of Argentina in its methodical race to self-destruction. At full steam “the machine” makes millions of banknotes tarnished in low denominations by a supposed “psychological” maneuver to avoid giving a “feeling of insecurity”, although the astronomical impression is another source of foreign exchange for corrupt officials.

It should be remembered that the Nazis during the war had devised Operation Bernhard to counterfeit British pounds and dollars in order to destroy the economy of their enemies with inflation. The difference with the Nazi project is that banknotes are manufactured here “legally” (although this phenomenal devaluation of the currency attacks the essence of the sovereignty that they should defend) and it is not distributed among enemies but on both sides of the crack that divides the Argentines. Remember Operation Bernhard when the “skulls” of populist economics tell you that the issue is not inflationary.

The advisers of the IMF who have given air to this economy of nonsense, hold their heads and only timidly warn about the dangers of inflation and the bond festival.

Meanwhile, Minister Guzmán is making an effort to support the economy in intensive care with a Band-Aid and a cup of linden tea.

The last act begins. The tragedy is coming. The puppet parody ends. Pinocchio and Geppetta fight, the ministers take sides, the governors must say which side of the new official crack they are on.

They are not the only ones fighting for a “bit” of power, even the opposition does it out of fantasies, because divided they dilute the possibility of achieving a majority. Who will be able to maintain the governability of a broken country with an increasing percentage of poor? ?

As in any country that has lost its pride, the shadows of the anti-system rise, like Italy in 22, like Germany in 33, figures emerge that promise an apocalypse to give rise to a new genesis.

We are marching towards chaos, towards uncontrolled inflation (money still pours in due to a record harvest that evaporates in the hands of the government, the big question is what will happen when soybeans run out and wheat cannot be planted due to the lack of diesel or corn).

We are marching toward the launch of a long-held dollar.

We march towards the Obelisk, as social organizations have done on hundreds of occasions throughout these months, now confronted with Cristina (who would have thought…)

And we continue marching –in the absence of diesel– towards an astronomical country risk.

This is the final count before the K O.

Cristina and beyond the flood.

One day God and the country will demand it.

Omar Lopez Mato

After me, the flood – By Omar López Mato