After the SOLD OUT in December, I MOHAMED are back_15 JANUARY Villa Lazzaroni Theater



text and direction by Yaser Mohamed


with Patrizia Casagrande, Alessandro Cremona and Alessandro Marverti

Theater of Villa Lazzaroni

January 15th 19.00

After sold out of December, it will be staged again Sunday 15 January at Theater of Villa Lazzaroni the show THE MOHAMEDS, text and direction Of Yaser Mohamed, with Patricia Casagrande, Alexander Cremona And Alessandro Marverti, scenes Paolo Carbone, stage adaptation and assistant director Sabrina Biagioli.

Have you ever thought about your family? Have you thought about what it represents for you and how it fits into society? Have you ever thought about the rules that a “perfect family” should respect in order to be defined as such? I Mohamed is the story of a less than perfect family, inspired by his own.

Yet it could be the story of many, given the themes it contains: the incommunicability, the emotional distance between family members, the difficulty of showing affection, the loneliness of three people sitting close to eat at the same table, the secrets that everyone knows and yet everyone is silent, the deafening silences, the small and trivial problems. In short, a family like many others. Almost.

Two parents and an only child, who isn’t unique. And that he discovers that he is not in a day like any other, by chance. It will be precisely the revelation of having a sister that will upset the life of the Son, until then a son unique and official. How should he react to this news? How should he behave now, knowing such a terrible and intimate thing that his father and mother do not know about him? How to deal with two parents who have kept such an essential secret hidden for a lifetime? Two parents who didn’t know – could – accept having two children and who chose to hide one from each other? And why, then? Thus begins the inner journey of the Son who, during the various meals of the day, will try to find the courage to face this delicate situation unscheduled with the people he thought, up to that moment, he knew.

Through orange juice, trivial philosophies on the life of shrimp, clothes worn as a lifestyle, the Son will try to face what for him is the most difficult of challenges: communicating with his parents as never before.

A absurd comedy that between hilarious moments, paradoxical dialogues and bitter confessions (strictly not said) hides in its substrate a tragedy on the verge of eruption, ready to explode at any moment and in any grotesque way, ready to pulverize any illusion of that perfect family much desired.

Not only a show, but also an artistic attempt that aims to merge different techniques and expressive languages: from the Father’s gramelot to the initial physical score, up to the stylization of the theatrical gesture that goes well with the prose of the text, while on the backdrop is projected an old film for the whole time of the show, in a crescendo of incredible rhythm where the emotions are so real that they seem to be acted out. Where people are so human that they seem like a parody of themselves. Yet everything in the end is harmonious, precise, inevitable. A story that only the theater and in the theater can be told.

I Mohamed was a finalist at the Pim Off Award in Milan (2022-2023 season)


After the SOLD OUT in December, I MOHAMED are back_15 JANUARY Villa Lazzaroni Theater –