All against Ayuso: first electoral round in the Assembly

The spokespersons of the groups take position before the state of the region next week and the range of proposals that will mark the electoral year begins

The election campaign in Madrid walk along very different paths depending on whether you are in government or in the opposition. The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with all the polls in favor for the next electoral appointment, could allow herself yesterday to include in her agenda a single playful act, festive and in which the political confrontation becomes comedy. She made politics from the lectern of a parody. The opposition parties, on the other hand, take advantage of all the gaps they find to try to place their message. Thus, officially, yesterday something as routine as the first meeting of the Board of spokespersons of the Assembly of Madrid. But it was the previous one to the first great act of this period of sessions, the state Of The Region Debate, which will be held on September 12 and 13, and the first round of the electoral year in the regional chamber. And there were no doubts: everyone against Ayuso.

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The chances that the president will score all the media points with the proposals and announcements during the debate next Monday and even Tuesday, the day on which it will be the opposition’s turn, force the opposition to take a position at any time and influence the proposals that will end up being printed in the electoral programs next May. All the spokespersons thus launched into a barrage against Ayuso and his policies. The left because of its “closeness & rdquor; and not wanting to “listen to the street”, or for having taken “the side of the super-rich” and favoring them more than families. vox He does not attack with the same vehemence, but he does accuse the president of not having fulfilled all the promises they made to maintain their support.

In the coming months, the regional chamber will serve as a rehearsal for the upcoming electoral campaign, and the different groups will try to compare their proposals with the policies of the regional government. Many of their initiatives will be a compendium of the initiatives already registered in the chamber, but given the new economic situation some of them have already highlighted some of their ideas to face the immediate future after the meeting they held in Sol with the president just a few days.

Same answers for a different situation

The spokeswoman for More Madrid, Mónica García, criticized precisely that the Government of Díaz Ayuso continues with the same proposals as always even though the situation has changed radically in recent months. If the energy, economic and climate crisis “have changed the questions for all of us”, she pointed out, the popular “cannot continue giving us the same answers”. She, like her party at the national level, defends the cap on the price of gas, extraordinary taxes on energy companies and, for specifying and landing proposals that can only be launched with the autonomous BOE, free dining rooms for all students of centers schools receiving public subsidies.

John Lobatofor its part, insists, as it has been doing for months, on maintaining a debate on the fiscal model of the Community that may result in a greater benefit for the people of Madrid, but at the premiere of this new course in the chamber, the socialist leaderHe was more concerned with repeating that he does not want to give rise to the “little numbers” and the insults that are distributed in the Assembly and that he believes that they will be heard again in the debate on the state of the region. The innovative proposals and measures for the new political course preferred to leave them for that debate. Something similar was done by the spokeswoman for United We Can in the region, Caroline Alonso, stress that he foresees a harsh atmosphere in the chamber, blaming Ayuso for being the one who incites him. In what this match and that of Vox coincide is in throwing Ayuso in the face for permanently failing to fulfill the promises made in recent months, especially, according to Alonso, in the health field.

Rocío Monasterio, for her part, was in favor of starting to negotiate budgets, but in her eagerness to try to distinguish herself from Ayuso before the next electoral appointment, this law will clearly be a tool that Vox will try to use. At the moment, aware that the negotiation must begin now so that the law can be approved in December, those from the Monastery assure that they will sit down to talk with the person in charge of the Treasury, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, but she made it clear yesterday that she does not find it meaningful either to ask for more things when those committed by the Government of Ayuso in the current norm are still not fulfilled.

Ayuso, president of Tabarnia in Madrid

While the spokespersons were struggling to establish a position before the next debate in the region, the president Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in another totally relaxed tone, presented her first decree as president of Tabarnia in Madrid at noon, a position for which she was invested by the Association Tabarnia National. Miquel Jiménez, journalist and president of this anti-independence platform that uses parody and sarcasm for political confrontation in Catalonia, called her “Isabel la castiza”, among other things, and it was no less herself, who compared herself to Isabel la Catholic, said that history always repeats itself and pointed out that “a new Elizabeth”she, now united two new kingdoms: Tabarnia and Tabernia.

Yesterday, the president focused her entire public agenda on this act and justified her presence, more or less, by saying that “with so much noise and thoughtful analysis” of current affairs “a playful event with a good cane and a sausage is appreciated.”

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All against Ayuso: first electoral round in the Assembly