Alliance Against Tobacco wishes a happy new year

How to combine traditional greetings for the start of the year and the fight against smoking? This is the question that Alliance Against Tobacco tried to answer on January 2 via a press campaign. Did they succeed?

Tradition matters

Throughout the month of January, this ritual of presenting vows will take place. Sincere or polite in the private context, ” happy New Year My dear “ to “Dear boss, I send you my best wishes for 2023 and those for my salary at the same time”to each his own habit and formulation.

The official wishes of institutions and politicians are also an opportunity to set a course, take stock or send a message. For example, an institution will imply “Happy New Year, say, could you increase our budget? »a politician “happy new year, say, could you vote for me? » etc

Alliance Against Tobacco has therefore, via its advertising agency Jesus & Gabriel, published a message in a few newspapers, Humanity, the Parisian and the team. From January 9, the message will also be published by Raw.

Sober, full-page, write big, framed like a death announcement:

The tobacco industry wishes you a bad year 2023

Well… Thank you? But what is the message, what is the goal? It seems obvious that what the Alliance Against Tobacco is trying to tell us is that the tobacco industry is bad guys doing bad things.

Writing workshop

Except that a message must be able to be understood and commented on. There, the only comment that comes to mind when faced with this message is the little song by the Joueur du Grenier.

Who herself is ironic about the cartoonish villains. A caricatural villain is a villain you don’t believe in. It is badly written.

Sometimes a badly written villain gets his point across, but that’s when his point itself is a parody. Why is Orangina Rouge so mean? “Passskeuuuu”, it’s funny. But we do not tremble before him. And we do not dream of a final duel against Luke Skywalker.

Darth Vader is a well-written villain. Because, from his point of view, he’s not the bad guy. From Darth Vader’s point of view, the bad guys are the Jedi who prevent those who have the Force from being able to express their full potential, they are all those people who want to be able to run around and do anything in the name of the ” freedom “ and wreak havoc, in short, Darth Vader, actually, he’s the good guy, but in a world where logic is completely out of whack.

The best example? Satan. He is the symbol of absolute evil, and yet, from his point of view, Satan is a good guy who opposed a God who was a little too dictatorial for his taste.

People in the tobacco industry don’t look at themselves in their mirrors every morning, surrounded by flames, and sneering “I am the maaaal, niark niark niark! ». If your neighbor works in the tobacco industry and wishes you a ” Good year “he is undoubtedly sincere.

From his point of view, they’re the good guys, they’re dutifully doing a job of selling a product to people who have a choice whether or not to buy it. A product that kills one out of two smokers, it’s sad, but hey, it’s their freedom, ” live Free or Die “, “die free or live”Finally, what’s the difference? And in addition, always in their logic, they work there, the tobacco industry, they offer reduced risk products, to save the lives of their customers.

There are plenty of biases in their reasoning, but from their point of view, they are nice. Which, in a fictional universe, would make them well-written villains. But we are in reality, which is infinitely more complex and is not satisfied with simplistic messages.

But what were we talking about again? The articles are like the bad guys or the wishes of Alliance Against Tobacco: badly written, you don’t know where you were going with it.

Alliance Against Tobacco wishes a happy new year