“Amioe. The cörsivoe manual”: the book by Elisa Esposito, “cursive teacher” on TikTok, is debated

For weeks, in early summer and then in the following months, there was talk of “italics“, That cadenced and drawled spoken, similar to a chantwhich parodies the Milanese accent e that has depopulated first on TikTok and then outside the platform, generating many opinions and controversies.

The face most associated with this trend, which was already present on TikTok, is certainly that of Elisa Espositothe 19-year-old who quickly became “prof from cörsivœ“, Teaching on social media (and not only) how to best pronounce different phrases.

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Its popularity has increased over the months, and today Elisa Esposito has 1.2 million of followers on TikTok and more than 390 thousand on Instagram. There virality of his videos had peaked in the past few months, bringing with them inevitable discussions about sense of this way of speakingwhich has rebounded on all social networks to also end up in television programs (emblematic the case of Live propaganda), radio broadcasts and newspaper articles.

Another piece is now added to the possibilities of debate: Elisa Esposito publishes with Mondadori Amioe. The cörsivoe manual.

Amioe the manual of italics

She announced it herself on social media: “I have been working on this project for months and I am very happy to make it public to you too, I was waiting for this day more than any other”, writes the young woman on Instagram, adding: “The cörsivœ has now become so viral that the lessons on TikTok they were no longer enough to teach you, so I decided to create a real ‘CÖRSIVŒ MANUAL’ ”.

What was born then as a fashion, one parody of a strange way of speaking (that some did go up for example to songs by Rkomi, Blanco or Madame), a slight mockery of the way in which (it is said) many girls and boys from Milan and its surroundings speak, it even turns into a “language”, which follows precise rules.

“In this book you will discover the grammar rules and tips on how to speak in cörsivœ such as pröf”, emphasizes the author.

The girl is known for her “cursive lessons”And to show ironically how to stretch and drag the vowels of words in the best possible way, creating the typical effect of speech: for this reason it has taken the name of“ cursive prof ”.

It is not necessary to point out how italics do not really claim to be a real language: it is a trend that has spread among the very young and that has found in Elisa a particularly powerful sounding board, as evidenced by the fact that this speech has become famous even outside of TikTok, reaching even those who, inevitably, do not understand it makes sense and doesn’t find it funny.

The comments under the Instagram post are already more than a thousand, for what will surely be one much debated productconceived in the wake of great popularity and which, for this very reason, can meet very different opinions.

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“Amioe. The cörsivoe manual”: the book by Elisa Esposito, “cursive teacher” on TikTok, is debated