Anatar, the spaghetti

You may not have heard of it, but there is an Italian parody of Avatars. The Na’vi people born from the mind of James Cameron become the space ones of a species of ducks with blue plumage, just like the colorful creatures of the original. Their task is to find a sustainable planet where they can move, discovering other races and, why not, falling in love with them. It is no coincidence that the title of this mockbuster is right Anatarcrasis between those animals protagonists of our satirical makeover and the Hollywood pillar released in 2009, which in this 2022 will return to the big screen with the sequel Avatar 2 – The way of the water.

Courtesy Green Film

The two films will therefore keep each other company, given the release of theCameron’s mammoth operation on 14 December, while the month opened with the Italian opera produced by Tyche Productions and distributed by Green Film. Anatar, which takes the irony of Monty Python as its reference points mixed with the devilry of Mel Brooks’ works, wants to be the forerunner of what the film’s producer Salvatore Scarica has defined as the new trend of #Spaghetti-Fi. An experiment that wants to reconnect with the great Italian tradition of parody using a comic, cheeky and grotesque language. A desire to continue the legacy of a genre that reached its peak in Italy with personalities such as Totò and the couple Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, trying to fill a void of ideas and creations that had been vacant for years.

The story of Anatar focuses on the population that gives the film its title. Alien humanoids who have evolved to become ducks, and who after the collapse of their own earth wander in search of a new planet on which to inhabit. A nest that they will find on Pandoro – another reference to the planet Pandora of Avatar -, on which nature and living beings live in harmony, and in which the Anatar will look for a place to stay. The film, between laser guns and jokes like “I’ll turn you off!” or “Shut up!” repeated over and over again, it wants to become a modern fairy tale between science fiction and epic adventure, in which there is no lack of references to other Hollywood franchises, adopting a resolution perfectly in line with the caricatured and bizarre ideas to which this genre aspires.

avatar parody avatar

Courtesy Green Film

What is certain is that, although confident with the #Spaghetti-Fi to bring back a type of parodic comedy, directed by Anatar however, the name of Alan Smithee is marked, a pseudonym that became famous in the corridors of American productions especially between 1968 and the 2000s and used by those directors who disavowed the authorship of their works. Maybe it will be because of this Anatar it doesn’t even succeed too well in its aims, not really presenting the insolence that Leslie Nielsen taught us by showing us what works of the quotation parody current can represent, limiting itself only to puns or characters invested with the role of “Admiral Feather” ( from English: feather). A restraint to the point of not even being an irreverent film or full of that healthy trash that can be counted among the guilty pleasures with which to spend a Saturday evening, not exceeding but even risking being boring, without even provoking that kind of mixed laughter to a slight embarrassment.

Anatar, the spaghetti-fi who wants to resurrect parodic cinema