Artistic Picenum, “Grottammare Ciak” is the new challenge of the Grottammarese association

GROTTAMMARE – It is taking shape “Grottammare Ciak“, the new format dedicated to cinematographic entertainment, scheduled for May 13th to the Theater of Energies in Grottammareas part of the four events organized by the polycultural association Artistic Picenumscheduled for spring 2023.

For the first time the “Marche dubber“, a very popular comedian duo on social channels through the dialectal video parody of current events, who will be guest of honor at the event to support initiatives aimed at raising awareness of social and environmental issuesalways represent through the cinema.

“We bet on the courage of our ideas, trying to give a vision in programming, trying with humility and determination to intercept the new ways of communication. Grottammare Ciak will be a day by day job; in addition to the involvement of the Grottammare schools, we will be received in Rome in the coming weeks to unveil an important partnership in the panorama of the Italian star system. A little of Grottammare will also be present with us, with faces from our community united with local companies; during the spring evening, in an absolute Italian premiere, we will finally screen this project, which we are proud of and with which we will try to surprise your curiosity – he explained Valentina Rosativice president of the association.

Being able to innovate seriously, diversifying sustainably into new artistic fields, is the new real frontier for third sector entities. We represent a very young group, with a large number of players in the team with enormous potential and eager to establish themselves without haste, freeing themselves from the frenetic obsession; there is no shortage of ideas and we live the present and the future with calmness and optimism. Associationism is the inclusion and value of the proposal, which is automatically re-evaluated over time. For example, two years ago, in general skepticism, our reality invested human resources in the field of social shortassisting the production of the short movie Anna. Today it is one of the most awarded and appreciated independent short films in Italy; in addition to the acknowledgments, we are more pleased to have contributed to spread the image of the city of Grottammare nationwidein addition to having introduced local young people to the magic of the art of cinema which then allowed the conception of the Grottammare Ciak review, thanks to the municipal patronage – added the president Giuseppe Cameli.

The opera Anna, by the director Vincent Palacealso for 2023, will remain viewable on the official website of RaiCinemaas a sign of the quality and depth of the proposed screenplay, i.e. the theme of Alzheimer’s, brought to the stage by the leading actress Daria Morelli. In addition to from Raithe work was broadcast in all monitor of the underground of the city of Rome and of the major Italian airports and on the worldwide on-demand platform WeShort.

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Artistic Picenum, “Grottammare Ciak” is the new challenge of the Grottammarese association – Riviera Oggi