At the Adar de Flandre Maritime, we are overturning management codes

The association won an award for well-being at work yesterday, for the “Peps” project. It allows its home helpers to organize themselves in almost complete autonomy. This French project, anchored in the care sector, is itself inspired by a Dutch initiative (Buurtzog). It is likely to inspire our readers in the digital ecosystem, who are very keen on new practices of empowering management.

Luccaa publisher of HR solutions, yesterday awarded the 2022 Well-Being at Work Awards, which recognize the best HR initiatives, classified into 4 categories: “ Work method and organization », « ExpExperience Collaborator », « Qualityé and living conditions at work and special audience award.

The jury made up of Claire Bonenfant (president of Sthree), Samuel Durand (speaker and author of documentaries) and Christophe Patte (founder of myRHline) was in charge of deciding between the 116 companies that applied this year, including the Macif, Banque Postale, Altrad, Education First, Eiffage, Elsan, Engie, Leroy Merlin, SNCF and Superprof.

“43% of companies now conduct QWL surveys among employees, as indicated by our last barometer of February 2022. This is undoubtedly what explains the success of our call for projects this year, applications have doubled compared to to 2021 »underlined Julie Chane Ching, director of the BU at Lucca.

Amandine Deread, deputy director in charge of HR and the housing division of Adar Flandre Maritime

Among the four winners, the project led by Amandine Deread, deputy director in charge of HR and the Habitat division of Adar Flandre Maritime, seemed particularly interesting to us. Home help professions are more and more necessary, in response to an aging French population. However, they suffer from a strong devaluation and are synonymous with a restrictive daily life, between physical fatigue and staggered hours. Result: absenteeism, turnover, demotivation and recruitment difficulties.

To change the situation, Adar – 400 employees – proposed to its collaborators (or rather female collaborators, in their vast majority) to reorganize into autonomous teams. The project called peps » (« Share the desire to take care ”) is voluntary. It immediately attracted support and 28 teams have already been formed.

Each team works on a restricted geographical area (sometimes only 3 or 4 streets), its members agreeing to replace each other in case of absence. The team decides independently on schedules, the most suitable device for each patient, and even manages its own recruitment. She meets every week to organize herself – and of course this is part of her effective working time.

There is no longer a manager. Sector managers, who once supervised 50 home helpers over an extended sector, have become either coaches or course coordinators, integrated into the teams. There are many benefits for home helpers: involvement and recognition in their work, transfer of skills, fixed hours. But also for the people supported: direct contact, regularity of interventions and speakers… And finally for the association: less absenteeism and optimal management of summer replacements.

The Peps project, inspired by the method Buurtzorgwon the award Work method and organization “.

The other three winners

  • The trophy ” Expemployee experience» was given to Michaël Besse, Quality Coordinator – Risk Management of the Hospitals of the Bassin de Thau, for the Hop’stars project.

To prepare for the Certification visit of the High Authority for Health (HAS) at the end of the health crisis, Michaël took up the challenge of mobilizing the hospital community on a project “ quirky », in parallel with a more institutional preparation approach. Hop’stars is a parody of Popstars, made with student caregivers and student nurses. The goal was to produce a mini-series of original videos and distribute it to medical personnel.

  • The trophy Qualityé and living conditions at work » returned to Michel Moreau, PMO of La Banque Postale’s 1,000 managers program, for the project “Reco&Co”.

Michael produced “the ephemeris of recognition”, a catalog of actions that were easy to set up for managers, who were invited to contribute to it, or simply to pick from it. The ephemeris is made up of one action card per week, to create cohesion and trust: “Invite a colleague to lunch”, “meet the neighboring service team over breakfast”etc.

  • Yooz won the People’s Choice Award. Alexandra Motte, HR Executive at Yooz, has set up a project to sponsor the personal projects of employees. Objective: to support all employees on permanent contracts in their extra-professional projects: sports, cultural, social, environmental, etc. (but without political, religious or union affiliation).

Employees submit their applications twice a year. A budget envelope of 3,500 euros is planned for each session. The projects are selected by the managerial collective according to criteria of consistency of the project with the values ​​of Yooz and visibility for the brand.

At the Adar de Flandre Maritime, we are overturning management codes