Audiovisual agency denies having produced the parody video that Víctor Aráuz recorded at the Emelec stadium | Social Networks | Entertainment

The comedian’s latest joke Victor Arauz in social networks is taking its toll at the level of the home football.

During the afternoon of thursday november 17the comic actor shared on his account TikTok @vkarauz a clip in which jokes about the design of the George Capwell stadium, home of the Emelec club From Guayaquil. In the same hours, Aráuz counted in Twitter some Emelec executives had been offended by the joke that he did on the short video platform. “We all know that obviously the stadium is not crooked, it’s a joke. Trying to explain a joke is so absurd.”

Victor too urged his followers and non-followers “to calm down”, also assuring that he had deleted the video for everyone’s “tranquility”. Despite his intention, the short went viral on social networks from multiple accounts not linked to the interpreter.

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Why did Víctor Aráuz record a video at Capwell?

A statement attributed to Juan Carlos Monteverde v.director of The Agency, who according to his explanations said Audiovisual production presumably he was at the sports venue yesterday, with a group of Ecuadorian actors and soccer players to record a promotional short, for which they apparently had the respective permission.

According to the version of the creative, who clarified that he was active club member, his work team and the media personalities worked for approximately two and a half hours inside the site. “During filming, the comedian Víctor Aráuz recorded a video with his cell phone without the production noticingmaking a joke in very bad taste and disrespecting such an admirable institution and all those who comprise it”.

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To alleviate the situation, the production company allegedly took three immediate steps: terminate the employment relationship with the comedian, because did not request “permission to record your content” and for “not thinking about the consequences”; cancel the output of the production they had worked on; and remove from the accounts of the work team all the content recorded in the stadium, be it videos, photos and reels.

In the text, addressed to José Pileggi, president of the blue teamMonteverde took advantage of the situation to congratulate the leader on his recent appointment and finally offered his deepest apologies on behalf of the agency that he forms together with gabriela icaza.

According to a digital media publication The historyhave been requested “Legal actions against the actor Víctor Aráuz”. At the moment, Aráuz has not referred to this matter publicly again. (YO)

Audiovisual agency denies having produced the parody video that Víctor Aráuz recorded at the Emelec stadium | Social Networks | Entertainment