Back to the future, the new projects of the “U Battellucce” association

Back to the future, the new projects of the “U Battellucce” association

TERMOLI. A journey together with Nicolino Cannarsa, a well-known lover and scholar of the ancient traditions of Termoli.

Symbol and singer of thermolesity, Nicolino has given life to many initiatives and demonstrations, events, folk groups, theater companies, school plays, musical comedies and much more.

In short, without wanting to take anything away from all the others who are dedicated to the rediscovery of our dialectal cultural roots, Nicolino Cannarsa is certainly a top player in this sector. His latest creature is the amateur theater company “‘U Battellucce” which, before the unfortunate pandemic, had created from nothing by calling to itself about fifty people of which 90% of them had never before done theater or trod any stage even for play.

In just a few months, he shaped them into one and set up a re-edition of a musical comedy that he had already staged in the 1960s with other performers. With various tricks and musical arrangements adapted to today, he has revived the parody of Manzoni’s novel “The Betrothed”.

A remake that started from the Fulvio di Guglionesi theater with the first three sold out evenings. Many theaters were visited such as the Savoia di Campobasso, the Politeama Ruzzi di Vasto, the Flaviano di Pescara, Santa Croce di Magliano, three performances also in Termoli at the Teatro Verde, at the Auditorium Santa Maria degli Angeli and on the beach at Lido La Cala Sveva .

There was also the possibility of arriving at Petruzzelli in Bari, but the pandemic got in the way. Before being imprisoned in the house, the association was completing a second musical parody, the comedy “the Odyssey”, but this too was interrupted due to Covid. With this interview, traveling through the streets of the ancient village, Nicolino tells us a bit of the whole story of the U’ Battellucce association in the various stages, the future artistic intentions of the group which unfortunately has lost several elements, some for study, others for choices of life away from Termoli and others died instead.

Nicolino lets us know that if someone wants to be part of the company the doors are open for free, they just need to contact him or our editorial staff to find out what to do to join.

He revealed some gems about the next work that he is preparing together with the company.

340.6908223 This is Nicolino Cannarsa’s telephone number for information on how to be a member of the ‘U Battellucce Association.

Back to the future, the new projects of the “U Battellucce” association