Beppe Braida, the lucid lightness of the game

Not just laughter, da Beppe Braida. The known comedian from Turin, now 58 years old, announces the forthcoming release of a book and the preparation of a comedy, in which comedy, however, has nothing to do. “I believe that if one has something to say it is important that they say it, I think that each of us has various souls, or if we want more sides, which must somehow emerge”.
This is how Giuseppe Braida explains his “trespassing”, that after all, they are not so much trespassing, from the field of comedy, which made him famous. “Actually, I think it only happens here in Italy that they assign you a label and then everyone is amazed as soon as they see you doing something different,” he explains, rejecting the first comments of superficial critics. “In America those who can sing it is normal that they also know how to dance, lead a program, here instead if they see a comedian doing something else they immediately say that he no longer knows how to make people laugh”.

Yet in Braida’s curriculum there are already experiences such as la management of Colorado, and that of Striscia la Notizia. “Experiences in which I stopped being a comedian, which have remained in my heart”, he adds, “for me they represent a great source of pride”.
But let’s start from the beginning, from the origins, which Braida recalls as “difficult, amid a thousand vicissitudes. I come from a family of workers, my passion grew up with the mirage of a permanent job. Let’s say that my passion was seen a little badly, but in the end the dream and passion won out, even if all that glitters is not gold”.

Braida became famous by imitating a well-known Tg conductor (Emilio Fede), who does not remember the catchphrase “Attack! It was an attack!” a parody that never gave him any problems, far from it. “That gag was born to denounce that in Italy we have information that is not always free, but is conditioned by the political current, by publishers, always linked to politics. Dynamics that we still see now. Do you think that with today’s journalists the parody could still work? “Yes, the parody is still totally valid, even if Fede has retired, his followers show us that nothing has changed”.
Comedy is entertainment, and entertainment is play. What comes to mind about it? “As a Turinese, which I am, my first memory is that of the casino. The one closest to me was the one in Saint Vincent, where we often went with friends to bet. But I have to say there was never any memorable wins, just moments of fun. The same still happens now: every now and then I go into the tobacconist’s, and I try my luck with a scratch card, but without much luck. I enjoy it, I am convinced that the game should be played like this, with lucid lightness”.

The relationship with another type of game, the electronic one, is different. “For years I was in the Playstation tunnel”, says Beppe Braida, “then I stopped because we played football and every afternoon it ended up in a bedlam. There was the friend who smashed the joystick, the one who crawled the chair, the one who smashed something else. In the end I closed with Play, and also with some friends”. Then? “Years later I found myself playing with Paola Perego’s son. I, as an adult, was convinced to slaughter him instead… he did things with the players that I didn’t even think were possible”.

Then, returning to his work, he tells us that after last year’s experience on the Island of the Famous, “I am now continuing my summer tour. I thought I’d finish it in August, but I’ll go on until December. I have never stopped contact with the public, which always gives me great satisfaction”.

While in the future he reserves the right to let us know another soul of Beppe Braida. “During the lockdown I wrote a book, it’s my first novel, in which comedy has nothing to do with it. It’s called ‘Come due aquiloni’, and it’s already in the hands of the publisher”. A literary adventure that won’t take him away from the stage: “I’ve also written a comedy, it’s called ‘All his father’ and tells the story of a man with Peter Pan syndrome who suddenly discovers that it’s not bad at all to raise a daughter, in which he discovers pure love. What can I say, there are many things on the plate”.

Beppe Braida, the lucid lightness of the game