Beto Ortiz launches a parody about Sigrid Bazán in the same style as Shakira and Bizarrap [VIDEO]

MOCKS. beto ortizduring his program ‘Beto a Saber’ on Willax TV, his criticism of the congresswoman did not go unnoticed and he dedicated a parody to it in the same style as the song by Shakira and Bizarrap against Gerard Piqué. The journalist assured that this is a tribute to the legislator.

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We are going to share with you a video that is very funny, it is our second tribute to Sigrid Bazán in the voice of the Peruvian Shakira. The lyrics have been slightly modified in an interested way by Beto to Saber, ”she said.

In the video released, a young singer is shown imitating Shakira, however, the lyrics were exclusively dedicated to the parliamentarian, who is now calling for the immediate resignation of Dina Boluarte.

“Sorry, Sigrid, a while ago, we should have vacated that chotano, An opportunist like you is not even in the Senate, a fresh girl like you is not here to have a seatuh uh, keep your seat”, began the song.

TROME |  Beto Ortiz ironizes with Sigrid Bazán
TROME | Beto Ortiz ironizes with Sigrid Bazán

“Your job is too big for you, that’s why you’re so wrong uh uh. This is for it to be published, chew and pay, pay and chew. You don’t even come back to Congress, or cry to us, or beg us, understand that it is your fault that they criticize I only tell the truth, sorry that I humiliate you”, concludes the letter.


THEY DON’T WANT IT. a 55-year-old man who died as a result of the protests in downtown Lima the last Saturday, January 28. The journalist Milagros Leiva, after exposing the video where the congresswoman from Juntos por el Perú is booed and expelled by the people, had to rectify herself to point out that the events did not happen at the victim’s wake.

The shared video shows the indignation of the attendees, who ask him to retire out of respect for the memory of Víctor Santisteban.

“We are not here to listen to anyone’s campaign,” “We are watching over a dead person here, compañeros, respect”, “We want justice”, they limited. Given this, the legislator insisted on the resignation of Dina Boluarte.


On the morning of Monday, January 30, the Patricia Chirinosfrom Avanza País,. The main reason for his complaint is governed by having committed crimes against public tranquility, apology for the crime against public tranquility and usurpation, after having violently entered the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM).

The facts show that Sigrid B. would have committed the crime of apology for violence and usurpation, violently entering the UNMSM, as denounced by its rector. For this reason, I have presented DC against the congresswoman requesting her disqualification for 10 years from all public functions ”, Patricia Chirinos published on her Twitter account.

A week ago around 300 protesters took shelter in the house of studies to organize themselves in the protests that took place throughout the district of Lima and whose main purpose was to march against the government of Dina Boluarte, the Congress and the Constitution change.


Beto Ortiz launches a parody about Sigrid Bazán in the same style as Shakira and Bizarrap [VIDEO]