Boss Incognito: the leader of Isotoner loses his dental prosthesis in full immersion, the twittos hilarious

Direct M6 Screenshot/Incognito Boss

A succession of blunders and blunders, this is what viewers of Patron Incognito were able to witness on Monday January 9, 2023 on M6. Georges Elkouby, the leader of the Isotoner brand had chosen to immerse himself in secret in his company. But between disguise accidents and competition blunders, he clearly had bad luck…

This Monday, January 9, 2023 in prime time on M6, the show Boss Incognito was interested in the Isotoner brand, known in particular for its gloveshis umbrellas and her slippers. In order to “dust off” its image, its leader Georges Elkouby wanted to return to the field, closer to its employees and rid of its hierarchical status. He needed to change his appearance. To do this, the show’s team dyed his hair and beard, and had him put on a dental prosthesis in order to change the morphology of the bottom of her face. For once, the transformation was rather convincing. Even his sister Josette, next to whom he sat in a café, did not recognize him: “It’s incredible, it’s another face!”, She said.

Unfortunately, this “other face” quickly showed signs of fragility. From his first immersion, with Muriel, a sales representative from Alsace, Georges was very handicapped by his dental prosthesis. His false teeth even ended up falling out in front of the head of the department, to whom the incident did not escape. Faced with the impossibility of regluing the prosthesis, the incognito boss had to continue the immersion without. “I no longer dare to look at Muriel, because it changes its face,” he revealed to the camera. This incident was all the more perilous as George Elkouby had not managed to stay in his place a few minutes earlier. That of an apprentice sales rep. While Muriel is trying to sell Isotoner shoes to the department manager of a store, he intervenes to steer her towards a new reference of sandals… What to put the chip in the ear.

Visibly challenged, La VRP then mentioned the program Patron Incognito. “Aren’t you my boss by any chance?” she said, before reasoning with herself: “but it’s not possible, I’ve already met him”. Georges Elkouby was hot, but he was not at the end of his troubles..

“This number is catastrophic, it’s blunder after blunder, excellent”

For his second immersion, the manager went incognito to a test store of the brand, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. With the store manager, Mili, he claimed to be under observation with the aim of opening a second store of its kind. Here again, his boss reflexes quickly returned: struggling to hide his annoyance at the small size of the premises and the delays in delivery, he did not hesitate to create micro-sidewalks in the street aimed at improving the layout of the shop.

But the most edifying moment of the episode was yet to come: while Georges Elkouby was in the shop, he received a surprise visit from the deputy general manager. Without thinking, he exclaims: “very good disguise, perfect!”, in front of Mili, who fortunately did not seem to notice. Completely off the mark, the assistant director did not realize his blunder and even continued his momentum in front of the cameras. “For a few seconds, I thought it was someone else, it was so well done!”. A clumsiness that exceeded the incognito boss: “He knows the DG! I don’t even understand that he’s coming, he’s grounded, or he forgot…”

A sequence that greatly amused the twittos, just like all of the misadventures of Georges Elkouby…

Boss Incognito: the leader of Isotoner loses his dental prosthesis in full immersion, the twittos hilarious