Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it”

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it.” | TikTok

Although many consider that Brunella Horna is not prepared to be in the leadership of a television program, the model continues to fulfill her work in ‘America Today’so on different occasions he has taken to the streets to conduct interviews.

Despite the ‘bloopers’ she has committed in the past, the former reality girl continues to do her job. For this reason, a week before the concert of Tiny In Lima, the blonde was sent to Colombia to meet with Argentina and give her details of her show in Peru.

Brunella Horna She was a little nervous in her conversation with the former Disney figure, however, she did not hesitate to share her birthday, ask her about her zodiac sign and even invite her to her marriage with Richard Acuna.

What the blonde never imagined is that her queries would cause her to go viral in TikTokespecially because of the way he reacted to the answers he gave him Tini Stoessel.

“How are you in your personal life?” Was one of the questions asked by the popular ‘Baby Brune’. “I really like to sleep and be with my friends. I like it a lot… Doing nothing”, confessed the singer, to which the host of ‘América Hoy’ replied: “I’m lovin ‘it. It’s something from the (girls born) in ’97″.

This response caused the interview to go viral on TikTokwhere she was the target of ridicule by netizens, in addition to different television hosts, especially shows, criticizing her quite harshly for trying to be the center of attention.

Despite harsh comments, Brunella Horna He received the criticism with a lot of humor and responded to some of his detractors, indicating that he could not ask him other types of questions because the representatives of Argentina forbade him.

Now, after almost two weeks of said interview, the model was encouraged to record a tiktok with Ethel Well to relive this moment, causing netizens to laugh again at the reaction it had at the time.

“I love it”, “I also love doing nothing”, were some of the responses in support that the future wife of Richard Acuña received after seeing this video, which already has about 40 thousand ‘likes’.

Brunella Horna invited Tini to her marriage to Richard Acuña. (America TV)

A few months after the marriage between Brunella Horna Y Richard Acunathe program ‘Magaly Tv: The Firm’ released details of the house in which the future married couple will live.

According to the report, the house is located in San Isidro, it has a swimming pool and more luxurious; However, they warned him that in the future it could go wrong, especially since the former congressman and the mother of his last daughter, with whom he was for two years, already lived in that house.


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Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it”