But is the Stranger Things ending really that good?

By now we know all too well that Stranger Things is the series of the moment. And not only. It is one of the most famous Netflix productions of the streaming giant. Loved and appreciated, above all, for being both an intra-generational tale and a veined horror story Fantasy. It is with these particularities that Stranger Things has established itself in today’s television market. Season 4, which came three years after the previous one, was a real one turning point for the events and for all the protagonists involved, projected towards an adventure to the limit of the absurd and towards a dangerous journey to save themselves and the city of Hawkins from an insidious enemy that comes from the Upside Down. From this point of view, the series has all the potential to emerge and establish itself in today’s television offering, but not all that glitters is gold.

Stranger Things converses all its vitality and that desire to entertain its audience with taste, giving once again an image on youth which grew in the 80s, but net of expectations, season 4 didn’t “break the screen”. Indeed, of the 9 (very long) episodes, few are noteworthy and functional to the story. So, we can say that Stranger Things have you run out of ideas? No, because the fourth chapter – despite everything – opens up new narrative horizons, but without the‘surprise effect there is the risk of falling and drowning in a quagmire from which it is impossible to get out alive.

The final battle against Vecna, what happens in the last two episodes

Warning, there may be spoilers here.

Therefore, it is not easy to summarize what happens in this long season finale. We had left the group while preparing for the clash with Vecna ​​but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Through a long flashback, it turns out that it was Eleven who first opened the portal to the Upside Down, confining Harry and leaving him to his fate. An event that inevitably had its consequences. In fact, it was Harry who moved the threads of the story only with the aim of taking revenge on him.

Eleven uses all of her abilities to get inside Mike’s mind and face Vecna ​​in an ultimate match blood. The demon has superior powers and, despite her difficulties, the girl still manages to free herself. But that’s not all because in the end Vecna ​​still manages to prevail and opens 4 prunings on Hawkins, triggering panic. The group reunites after many adventures, right at Hopper’s hut and in front of them a new and terrible enemy to fight is feared but this time the stakes are very high.

A too fragmented story

Stranger Things it remains a great show for the eyes, soul and heart but for sure season 4 has struggled to find its way. As it should be, the characters have moved on with their lives. There are those who have moved to the other side of the country and face the problems of high school, there are those who have to deal with a broken heart and those who are still looking for their place in the world. To this he explains it opening, which takes up almost the entire first episode, a parallel plot takes shape. A girl dies in unclear circumstances and, immediately, one thinks of the Upside Down and the creatures that live in that world. What has been expanded into 5 episodes could be summarized in just under an hour, thus managing to compact a story that, in fact, has a very capillary and original construction. But, with all the separate group, the history it becomes heavy, long-winded, inconclusive, full of plot holes. It finds its direction only in the sixth episode, to change everything in the seventh. The last two? Just a long and useless battle against the dark forces with an epilogue already written.

Stranger Things which mentions all the horror filmography of the last century

From the beginning, the TV series she was a beacon in a landscape full of reboots, sequels and newequels because she had the ability to tell the world of yesterday with a frank and sincere language. The intent of the Duffer Brothers was to dust off all of the pop culture of 80s, starting from music, to clothes, to lifestyle and passing – obviously – also to the cinema which in that period gave great cults still famous today. However, if during the first season the quotations were thrown into the story with a certain awareness, in season 4 it was trodden too much, distorting the initial intentions. From the’Exorcist to Nightmarefrom It to the Goonies: Stranger Things has become one parody of himself that has lost its uniqueness.

Long episodes that weigh down the vision

To complicate the situation even more is the minutes of the individual episodes. Too long to justify a story that could have been compacted in a different way. And the most serious problem of the malfunction of this season 4 is precisely the extra large length which, precisely, has not only weighed down the each other but above all it showed all the criticalities of a series that should have already ended some time ago, bringing out the structural and narratological problems of a show that no longer lives on the surprise effect.

What’s left of Stranger Things?

For sure it’s a series that is dividing the audience. On social media there are those who loved season 4 madly and those who, on the other hand, heavily criticized the new implications. There are no half measures. Breaking a spear in his favor, it can be said that Stranger Things now it is no longer a simple TV series but a made product is only conceived forr grind money and acclaim from the public who are looking for a series that reverberates a period in which we lived in a fake opulence. It is as if it were an “orgasm” of pop quotes for all the culture lovers of the last century

And now off to season 5

Fortunately, next season will also be the last. It opens with many doubts and uncertainties. Who lives and who dies? What will become of Vecna ​​and the Sottosopra? All that remains is to wait until 2024 and understand how the events of the youth by Hawkins. Hoping for a decisive, less verbose and more concise ending.

But is the Stranger Things ending really that good?