Caltanissetta, Mayor Gambino’s 2022 budget: “8 million for the Xirbi exhibition center, strategic development of the city. On social media, serial haters”

CALTANISSETTA – He spoke non-stop for over an hour, touching on various topics, alternating smiles, emotion, pride, satisfaction, disappointment. A raging river even though she started by saying “I have written in ink on these papers some of the things we have done. Not all . Because when you do things then you have to forget them“.

The mayor of Caltanissetta, Roberto Gambino, standing in front of his cell phone while broadcasting the end-of-year press conference, which was held in the Yellow Room of Palazzo del Carmine, on his facebook page (here is the links ), and the whole council sitting behind (the only one absent is the councilor Marcella Natale).

Let’s rewind the tape and start from the end, when the mayor has removed the ‘inevitable’ pebbles from his shoe: “On social media there is a hostile attitude from many quarters. Let me be clear, criticisms are welcome and we can agree on solutions on the problems. The constant vilification, the parody that borders on insult and delegitimation are serious. They don’t bother me, but they can give rise to dangerous behavior. Of course, the electoral campaign has begun and some people have taken sides, let me say it, in a certain way. In the city 400 people take the Citizenship Income, involving over 2,000 families, when and if the government were to remove the RDC, the climate of hatred created by these haters will have fertile ground. Serial haters will cause wrong actions: the local politician is the mayor, he will also be seen as responsible for actions that actually belong to the national government. To these serial haters I say just think about what you do”.

Now in order, some of the pills, data and indications provided by mayor Roberto Gambino during the press conference.

INAUGURATION OF THE MONCADA PALACE. A flagship for the city and for central Sicily. With the new management, large regional events will be organized in this ‘container’ of culture.

PUBLIC GREEN. Much nicer than in the past. For the first time, a three-year service contract was carried out.

ROADS AND HOLES. To asphalt the previous administration committed 150 thousand euros, we 700 thousand.

NOUGAT. Now it is a Slow Food “presidium” product, the only one in Italy. It was a long and tiring job but we succeeded.

UNIVERSITY’. Cefpas, which is a member of the Consortium, has evicted the medical course. We, remember that the Municipality is the majority shareholder of the Consortium, the one that puts the money into it, has undertaken to solve the problem by identifying the school, in the historic center, Capuana as the location. New courses are born. The 50 students of the three-year course in Nursing are already in the city. We also recall that we appealed to the Tar against the order of Musumeci who wanted the offices at V. Emanuele. There is a resolution, from about 30 years ago, which provides that the courses of the Faculty of Medicine are held at the old hospital in Viale Regina Margherita and we work for this.

INDUSTRIAL AREA. An incredible law has transferred the road network, public lighting, sidewalks and the management of white water to the city. As if we lack problems. Fortunately, Irsap is carrying out some work and we are checking. We worked to get the fiber that was still missing. In addition, when the bills arrived, in the old regional financial institution of Musumeci, we committed 300 thousand euros to help entrepreneurs. This money arrived only a few days ago after I went to Palermo to speak to the councilor for productive activities and that mandate was found.

STAFF AT THE MUNICIPALITY. As soon as he took office we stabilized the precarious workers. Then we provided the directives for announcing the competitions; they were done three times due to the Brunetta decree. Now we have concluded them but the problem of rankings has arisen. We asked for an outside opinion. Finally we can close the rankings. We will start hiring from January and we will scroll the rankings to hire more people, the offices are collapsing. The competitions had been banned on the 2019 workforce but adapting it to 2022, this is the reason for the higher recruitments.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE. Video surveillance has been further increased, we are among the safest cities in Italy. The Sole24ore ranking puts us in 58th place because our data is made heavier by those that come from some cities in the province.

VILLAS. Work in progress at Villa Amedeo, then they will be carried out at Villa Cordova. They left us villas literally devastated and we found 300,000 euros for the works.

ELECTRONIC IDENTITY CARD. When we set up, it took 5 months to get it, now it’s possible in one day.

SOCIAL SERVICES. We have a social health district among the best in Italy. Thanks to all those who work there for this prestigious result. There are 400 RdC receivers that we use in the Puc, we were among the first to make them. Now we are also training them for external offices. I underline the extraordinary work, without the need to take selfies, of Father Piero Riggi and the S. Agata Association who work in absolute silence: meals and roofs for the most disadvantaged. We had 100 minors in the community, now there are 50. We work to prevent children from being removed from their families.

SCHOOL CANTEEN. We provide the service with zero kilometer products.

HEALTHCARE. A serious problem not only in the city but also in the province. I decided to raise the level of the fight. In January I will ask the prefect to set up a “permanent” commission on health.

SS 640. The feeling is that right now everyone doesn’t care. We have sent a note to the regional Anas so that the works on via Borremans are removed from the contract and carried out immediately.

XIRBI EXHIBITION CENTER AND MEDITERRANEAN LIFESTYLE PARK. We have already awarded the European tender for the design of the Xirbi exhibition center for 750 thousand euros, which will become the center of the Mediterranean lifestyle park and which will be built in the building assigned to us by the Agency for assets confiscated from the mafia. The news, from the day before yesterday, is that the Territorial Cohesion Agency at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers admitted us to the consultation, in early January, starting with a loan of over 8 million euros. What does concertation mean? It means that, as the State sees that there is the possibility of immediate spending, it provides an initial part of the funding but if it sees that things can go quickly, it also provides the rest. We have, and we are one of the few cases in Italy, the task of the definitive and executive design. The Mediterranean lifestyle park materializes. It adds up to the already contracted doubling of the doubling of the Xirbi-Fontanarossa airport track, which in 2026 (these are Pnr funds, in 2026 they must be accounted for) will connect Caltanissetta to the airport in 40 minutes. This is developing the territory; this is the future of our city. I say it with a touch of pride, this is the first real strategic plan for the development of the city that was handed over to us in pieces. After the mines there has never been an idea of ​​development. In just three and a half years, we achieve results, we don’t make theory but facts.

Caltanissetta, Mayor Gambino’s 2022 budget: “8 million for the Xirbi exhibition center, strategic development of the city. On social media, serial haters”