Camila Flores denies viral tweet where she would have confused Di Mondo with Ignacio Briones

The deputy accused a falsification of her account, after a capture went viral where she allegedly confuses the former minister with the influencer. “The anonymous cowards of social networks have little left,” she launched.

The deputy RN Camila Flores ended up going viral after allegedly falling into a ‘fake news’ by a parody page. Product of the multiple reactions, lThe parliamentarian denied the fact, accusing that it was a false tweet attributed to her account.

It all started when a fake news account shared a photo of Edmundo Huertas, better known as Di Mondo. In the image, the socialite poses naked with a bloody Chilean flag.

However, instead of giving credit to the influencer, the page assured that it was former minister Ignacio Briones. Then, they assured that the politician “performs a spectacular section of photos dressed only with the Chilean flag in protest against a sexual performance held in Valparaísowhere the national symbol was reviled”.

However, hours later, the same site shared an alleged retweet from Flores. “Camila Flores is TT on Twitter after falling into a parody account. Tweet was deleted this morning.accused the page while sharing a capture where an account with the name of the parliamentarian is seen commenting “Briones, the flag is not stained.”

Those comments ended up being republished by the deputy, who reacted annoyed. “How impressive the time that lefties have to create lies and create false Twittertime that only they in Chile have”, he wrote.

“We are legislating to criminalize and punish digital violence, so the anonymous cowards of social networks have little left”hill.

In 2021 and in a conversation with BioBioChile, Briones referred to his resemblance to Di Mondo. So, he assured that “this comparison I find it funnyin politics you have to have humor, it is a hard, complicated world”.

A day of deleted tweets

The event experienced by Flores occurred during the same day that Senator Ximena Rincón (DC) shared a publication by President Gabriel Boric from 2016, where he quoted the song Curse of High Heaven of Violeta Parra, writing “I curse the lonely star of the flag.”

“This is not true! I ask the president team to review this, because I do not think this tweet is effective, ”he wrote then.

Said publication, deleted by the parliamentarian, was replicated by the Ministry of Culture, stating that it was “a song by our beloved Violeta Parra”, adding a YouTube link with the song. Anyway, the entity also deleted his tweet.

Camila Flores denies viral tweet where she would have confused Di Mondo with Ignacio Briones