Cath Pieroni or the “nustral” parody of influencers

For more than ten years, social networks have played a major role in our daily lives. Sharing of private, family moments, news, advertisements. This new mode of digital communication has now become essential with the proliferation of platforms.
In recent years, videos have been circulating in large numbers and a new phenomenon has appeared with “influencers” and with them, parodies. One of the pioneers of the genre is Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian who made fun of many videos of models and influencers by reimagining the scenes in “everyone” mode.

Also in Corsica, island of the “macagna”, a woman, mother of a family has won over nearly 43,000 followers on Instagram by offering parody videos almost every day. Indeed, after a childhood in Nice, Cath Pieroni, originally from Conca, holder of a degree in communication and events, returns to Corsica for an internship on the Tour de France in the Bonfacio region. He will find his roots there and will discover a best friend and the love of his life “. A marriage with Arnaud and a little girl later, it is in Porto-Vecchio that she will settle.

“During confinement, on my personal Instagram account, I started posting humorous videos parodying videos I was watching, explains the young woman. While I was only followed by a circle of family and friends, I saw my follower count grow. » What was an innocuous occupation has attracted a wider audience. Cath therefore continued to stage herself, also with her husband who sometimes willingly lends himself to the game. In the space of a year and a half, his Instagram account reached 43,000 followers.
“My videos are intended to be funny but always remain benevolent, I regularly receive messages from people that I parody. I have never received insults, or criticism, finally the influencers have much more self-mockery than one could imagine”.

Some of his videos shared on other platforms like Tik Tok have even flirted with 13 million views. This visibility made her known to personalities with whom she has since developed friendships. But it is impossible for Cath Pieroni to make the “buzz” by revealing their names. Despite her public videos, the young mother has principles, she respects privacy above all and does not do product placement either.

On the “real life” side, she is in charge of communication by profession, she has a salaried job and develops an activity as a community manager with, in particular, content creation and network management. “Some of my clients have contacted me precisely through my Instagram account, says Cat. I have a mastery but also ethics of networks, I think that is appreciated. I respond as soon as I can to all messages from young people as well as those from retirees who like my videos. Above all, I like to communicate and share..
If the Corsican “Céleste Barber” puts lightness in her videos, she is aware of the dangers of the networks, raises her 4-year-old daughter with prevention and does not hesitate to exchange with her youngest subscribers on the subject.
In short, despite her small notoriety, our “nustrale” parody influencer will not make any concessions on authenticity, security and proximity.

Cath Pieroni or the “nustral” parody of influencers