Cazarre’s hilarious parody of Rothen ignites Twitter (Video)

This Tuesday, April 26 was given the start of the semi-finals of the Champions League. The fans of Soccer witnessed a show of beauty between Manchester City and the real Madrid. The Citizens won with a score of (4-3) with goals from Kevin de Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Bernado Silva and Phil Foden. The evening would have been perfect for the Skyblues if they hadn’t conceded so many goals. Indeed, with the three goals scored by the visitors, Man City will have to fight at all times during the return match at Santiago Bernabeu in order to validate their place in the final.

Julien Cazarre followed the Champions League

The fight will be tough and very intense when you know that Real Madrid are intractable at home, especially when a certain Karim Benzema is present. The French international striker is currently on cloud nine and nothing seems to be able to stop his formidable momentum. The second Semi-Final pitted the Liverpool Reds against the surprising Spaniards of Villareal. Unlike Bayern Munich who was eliminated by the yellow pad, Jurgen Klopp’s men were not asked to bend the meeting quickly enough.

Indeed, Liverpool won with a clean and flawless score of (2-0). Again, the Reds were able to count on a great man in the person of Sadio Mané.

Resseguié in the crosshairs of Julien Cazarre

The Lion of Teranga scored a nice goal which gives his team a good lead before the trip to Spain.

Football fans thus attended two great evenings of the Champions League which were notably broadcast on the RMC Sport channel. Jano Resseguié commented on the Manchester City – Liverpool match on behalf of RMC. The completely crazy scenario of the meeting did not leave the commentator indifferent and this did not escape our national Julien Cazarre.

Indeed, Cazarre was very attentive and he was able to detect a moment of anthology signed by Jano Resseguié who made reference to Jérôme Rothen.

Cararre, Resseguié, Foden and Rothen

Phil Foden scored Manchester City’s third goal as the game heated up. Resseguié was so thrilled with Foden’s goal that he swapped the England player’s name with Jerome Rothen. For a short time, it looked like Rothen was on the pitch and scored a goal for City.

Of course, Julien Cazarre didn’t ask for more and he used this sequence to produce a first-class parody involving Jérôme Rothen and Jano Resseguié.

Rothen took it for his rank with improbable references to Julien Cazarre. On the set of the show, Rothen ignites, it was absolute laughter. Cazarre is really an atypical character and each of his parodies is a total treat.


Cazarre’s hilarious parody of Rothen ignites Twitter (Video)