Cerveteri, Notarelle post vote

by Angelo Alfani

“What did these unsightly characters discover, who are the parody of power? That by dint of the vote, we vote, we vote, by dint of the vote voted, have passed to: let us vote, let us be elected. All that remains is to pass from being voted, we pass from voter to candidate to elected. All that remains is to apply, just to do nothing.

This is the end of Italy in the boot, of Europeina, of the mondicino, that of having passed from voter to candidate, to elected. So we are! ”So Carmelo Bene in 1994 at the Costanzo show: as always prophetic. But let’s get to the specifics of the city of Cerveteri.

The town of the ancient power of Agylla, which later became marginal and decrepit, has always shown a profound conservative soul, in the true sense of the term when it went fat, in the worst of the meanings attributed to this adjective for a few decades now.

Checchino Alfani, the only communist mayor of this community, short-lived, about 26 months, having taken the place of the legendary Pietro Alfani who died in November 1962 as mayor, a municipality that still, in those sixties, also included the seaside village of la Dispoli, has always been keen to emphasize that the “Social Communists won the elections of May 1956 for a private problem: sudden and apparently unjustifiable abandonment given the common morality of the times, by a well-known young man, the essence of the status quo ante unity, of his girlfriend: both belonging to the right who, in the name of dishonored honor, presented herself to the elections “.

In short, the reds won just a little on the Christian Democrat list led by the young man and a civic list always on the right led by the relatives of the offense. How honorable,
human, passionate, sentimental, romantic and sensual this division occurred in the times of the tanks in Hungary, compared to what happened on the right in the time of the tanks in Ukraine? How much more honorable writes the English pardo this choice paid severely in the name of the love left, in the face of the scarcity of the interests purely of shop, caste, professional lobbies, beo tronists of the dream never realized by the engineer Gualino in Champ de mer , who should take care of the souls of the Cerenovist faithful and not the vote, who should take care of the meat, including allergies, and not the vote as it happened in the adverse field (so to speak) the apparent reverse of the same coin?

Two footnotes 92% of those entitled to vote went to the votes of the fifty. If you feel like it, go and read the surnames of the candidates on the two lists on the right, nor will you find many in the fake list on the left. Then, if you feel like it, go and read the names of the candidates of the right-handers of the following years, always there too
themselves and, lastly, those of the Socialist Party who in many cases turnedcoat. We are in the midst of conservation, but apparently the worst.

Cerveteri, Notarelle post vote