CHAN in Algeria: Instrumentalized sport, flouted CAF regulations

By depriving Morocco from participating in CHAN 2023, the Algerian regime is only politicizing and instrumentalizing sport, which is supposed to bring people together and break down borders, lamented Tunisian political scientist Mohamed Nejib Ouerghi.

It is an “intolerable drift” and a deplorable act of exploiting an event, supposed to bring closer and break down borders and to make the values ​​of friendship and tolerance prevail, to freely pour into hateful behavior and at the limit racist, he observed in a statement to MAP.

According to this former CEO of the Tunisian press agency “TAP”, far from being unduly surprising, what happened throughout the opening ceremony of these games provided irrefutable proof that only confirms the obvious, that of the nature of the Algerian regime, aggressive, unfriendly and which ignores all the habits and customs that govern relations between countries.

In Constantine, the mask fell again last Friday and the Algerian authorities crossed the Rubicon, the intolerable by transforming a sports ceremony into a real masquerade, he detailed.

He deplored “an unfortunate precedent reflected in the hateful and racist slogans chanted by an enlisted public, which did not cease, throughout the ceremony and during the opening match, to insult loudly Morocco and Moroccans”.

“The public under the influence of the Algiers regime’s propaganda went even further by launching unbearable, xenophobic, unacceptable slogans,” denounced this specialist in inter-Maghreb and Euro-Mediterranean relations.

He claimed that this tacky staging went even further in amalgamating, ridiculing and brazenly instrumentalizing the sport.

By using Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Zwelivelile Mandla Mandela, who took the floor to defend the indefensible, by inciting the Polisario terrorists to fight, the Algerian power chose a bad horse, a man whose credibility is beaten in breach, he continued.

While recalling that Morocco condemned these “malicious acts” and these “despicable maneuvers” which place the disagreement between the two countries on the sports field, he made it known that the provocative speech which punctuated the start of this competition a great disservice to the spirit and the letter of sport and trampled on the regulations governing the organization of football tournaments under the aegis of CAF.

This continental body is today faced with its responsibilities and has the obligation to act against these flagrant transgressions which have no connection with the principles and values ​​of sport, he insisted.

He believes that it is time to stop this parody and these irresponsible actions which constitute a flagrant violation of the statutes and regulations not only of CAF, but also of FIFA.

He notes that by deciding, not without spite, not to participate in the 2023 edition of CHAN, Morocco, however double champion of this competition, had no other alternative.

According to this former editor of the Tunisian magazine “Réalités” and the newspaper “La Presse”, “Faced with the blindness of the Algerian authorities, who persisted in not granting their authorization to Royal Air Maroc, the carrier official of the Moroccan football selections, to join Constantine, the Algerian power showed its true face, belligerent and aggressive”.

“Isn’t it frustrating to deprive young people who have been preparing for this meeting for more than a month in this continental sports competition for trifles?” Asks Ouerghi.

According to him, the Algerian authorities have realized that they cannot impose their diktat as they see fit.

He added that in the case of figure, the decision of the Moroccan authorities not to take part in this competition, put the Algerian power in the embarrassment, revealing its true nature.

Ouerghi explained that the Algerian authorities, far from bending to the requirement of sports ethics, preferred to headlong.

CHAN in Algeria: Instrumentalized sport, flouted CAF regulations