Checco Zalone, all the dates of the Amore + VAT tour from Milan to Turin

The premiere of the new show by the Apulian comedian was staged on November 8 in Florence. Debut for a tour that will include 72 dates in 19 different cities, with over 100,000 tickets already sold

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Checco Zalone’s Amore+Iva tour opened yesterday, November 8, with an extraordinary success with the public at Palazzo Wanny in Florence. In front of three thousand spectators who sold out for the first of a long series of dates throughout the peninsula, the comedian ranged between current issues, with his usual comedy that mixes the high and the low, social and political satire to the demented.

PUTIN parody

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The public particularly appreciated the parody of a Vladimir Putin grateful to Italy for having dedicated a city to him, Putignano, in Puglia, when not even in Russia there is one that bears his name. Some references also to the Italian situation, with a joke about “Meloni’s time”. And then the homage to Florence, the best place to start from because it is “the city of the Medici, and my name is Luca Medici”, but also because “it is the homeland of the vernacular and I modestly built a palace on vulgarity”.


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The show will be staged in 19 different cities, from November to May, 72 dates with over 100,000 tickets already sold: Florence, Bologna, Conegliano, Trieste, Ravenna, Turin, Milan, Naples, Sanremo, Rome, Montecatini-Terme, Pesaro , Avellino, Verona, Benevento, Lamezia Terme, Capaccio-Paestum, Santa Margherita di Pula.


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8–12 November: Florence (Palazzo Wanny)
November 21–22: Bologna (Europauditorium
25 November: Conegliano (Zoppas Arena)
28-29 November: Trieste (Politeama Rossetti)
4-5 December: Ravenna (Pala De Andrè)
8-16 December: Turin (Colosseum Theatre)
20 December-22 January: Milan (Teatro degli Arcimboldi)
February 18-25: Naples (Augusteo Theater)
March 3-4: Sanremo (Ariston Theater)
8-29 March: Rome (Teatro Brancaccio)
31 March-1 April: Montecatini (Teatro Verdi)
11-12 April: Bologna (Teatro Europauditorium)
15 April: Pesaro (Vitrifrigo Arena)
April 29: Avellino (Carlo Gesualdo Theater)
5-6 May: Verona (Arena)
25 June: Benevento (Arena Musa)
4 July: Lamezia Terme (G. D’Ippolito Stadium)
3 August: Capaccio-Paestum (Planet Arena Temples of Paestum)
12 August: Santa Margherita di Pula (Forte Arena)

Checco Zalone, all the dates of the Amore + VAT tour from Milan to Turin