Como, chased by a taxi because it takes two friends home

A truly absurd story the one that tells us (with lots of evidence) our DB reader who prefers to remain anonymous. Everything happens in Como, in the night between Saturday 17th September and Sunday 18th September. A beautiful evening with a group of friends to whom two ladies from Genoa were added who are on Lake Como as tourists. Between a chat and the other in a well-known venue in Como area via Lecco it is 2.30 am. The two ladies decide to go to sleep and are staying in Brunate. Our witness tells us:

“They started calling the taxi number but no one answered. At that point we advised them to go to Piazza Sant’Agostino where they normally stop. They greet us and go. After about 20 minutes while I too had left the room and was accompanying a friend of mine at the car, passing by by chance, I see that they are still waiting. Just at that moment a Taxi had arrived. The man spoke to them then, after spreading his arms, he left them there and left . At that point I approached to ask what had happened and they told me that the taxi driver refused the ride because “there was no gain in taking them to Brunate”. Obviously I offered to accompany them and I put them in the car “. .

Up to this point in history we are unfortunately part of the increasingly frequent disservice that taxis often offer in Como (and beyond). But the story isn’t over. DB continues: “I see behind me a car that insistently shines on me and follows me. It was the taxi that had left the two women walking. I stop, he rolls down the window and literally says to me:” What the hell are you doing? Now I’ve taken the license plate and I’ll report you to the brigade. You’re being abusive, you can’t! “

In the car, the two tourists from Genoa were more and more upset by the grotesque situation, bordering on parody. Not only had the taxi driver left them on foot but he was furious because a friend (by now it was 3.30 am) was taking them back to the hotel, accusing him of making an abusive ride!

The testimony continues: “I leave and go away, but the Taxi still follows me, I could see it clearly in the mirror. Only after a while it turned and changed direction. The two tourists were speechless. I have already written my complaints and told the story to whoever is responsible. I wonder how you can leave two ladies on foot at night and then have the courage to chase me and lose your head until you pull me over and accuse me of making abusive races: really absurd, beyond all imagination “.

This story is really stunned but fortunately we also have testimonies of very generous and professional taxi drivers. Not later than August 31, 26-year-old student from Milan Wuzhao Feng had missed the last train to go home and was completely alone and, after a few moments of fear and despair, was taken home (for free) by a Como taxi driver.

Como, chased by a taxi because it takes two friends home