Conte’s apology, five

I don’t understand the scandal of seeing Giuseppe Conte, leader of the Five Stars, vacationing like any Boldi, in the luxurious suite of a five-star hotel in Cortina d’Ampezzo. But it costs two thousand five hundred euros a day, write the newspapers; but are you sure Conte didn’t pay it, or in any case that he paid that amount? An alleged privileged, favorable treatment would not be a mitigating factor, if anything an aggravating circumstance.

But he is the one with the basic income, you will insist, he is the one who does not go to the premiere of La Scala but follows it, without a tuxedo, in elegant poverty, to the soup kitchen, to simulate his solidarity with the recipients of the basic income. An hour of poverty and then, after the skit, we go to lunch with designer clothes at starred restaurants. But there is no reason to be indignant, for two reasons.

The first is that for several years the western left has been living in the ztl and weeps for the favelas, lives in very well-off houses and terraces and sides with the migrants and the poor of the world, possibly the furthest from home, has Filipino maids and claims equality and equal rights. And it could go on and on. For the sake of truth there is also the precedent of the princes of the Church, those cardinals and bishops who sermonize on the poor and then live in luxury and abundance. In short, Conte has not invented anything, he is not the first blatant traitor to the proletariat, if anything the last.

But then there is a specific reason that explains the its doubling, and it is the explanation of all his political journey and all his twists and turns that we have been reporting for years. The fact is that Conte is not a politician but a lawyer: he does not come from any militancy, he does not adhere to the causes he defends but represents them as a lawyer, behind a fee or professional and political return. He can be Atlanticist or anti-Atlantist, pro-European or anti-European, pro-League or pro-League, lean to the right or left, hatch the center or become a Catholic or even a believer, defend the wealthier with the Alpa studio and then defend the less fortunate with the 5Stelle. Because he has no political conviction, much less a mission: he’s a lawyer and he’s a lawyer, he does his job, he tries to profit from the cause, regardless of its content and regardless of whether he’s defending who’s right or who’s wrong. Profit that is sometimes economic, sometimes political, consensus or power.

And it is surprising how his total neutrality, his nature as a Zelig and a glass bottle, his integral lawyering have in the end overtaken and unseated both the grillesque fundamentalism of Di Battista, apostle of the Five Stars, and the sly but cheeky transformism by Luigino DiMaio. He screwed them all, including the Creator, the Founder, the High, Beppe Grillo. It is no coincidence that for some time now he has been posing as an alternative pope, let’s say VaffaPope of the Church Elsewhere, as he himself baptized it. Since the political and electoral space is entirely occupied by the lawyer and his patronage, Grillo remains the role of spiritual authority, Ayatollah, Messiah, religious figure. We already glimpsed at the time of Casaleggio, the similarity between the 5 Star Movement and some pseudo-religious sects, so we called it Grillology. Now, that theological drift, that mystical fry, takes on the appearance of an indefinite Church Elsewhere, where you don’t understand where the parody ends and where the prophecy begins, suspended between religion and bullshit.

But in the end, in his role as Advocate for State Clients, with his vast clientele of state-sponsored income earners, Conte presented himself as a sort of humanitarian trade unionist, a tribune of the plebs, a bit like I am were Mimmo Lucano and Aboubakar Soumahoro. Peppino Conte is the cynical version of his fellow countryman Peppino Di Vittorio who was a peasant on the side of peasants, with his head and heart, a sanguine and true communist, with few studies and great passion. He, on the other hand, is a pauperist with reimbursement at the bottom of the list, his ideal cause has a real fee, which he then goes to spend it, as is coherent, in Cortina d’Ampezzo. By managing to make a mockery of the rich and the poor.

Cortina is the place where politics and pleasure collide, power and pleasure meet among the slopes and pools of the well-known Dolomite resort. If, as von Clausewitz said, “war is the continuation of politics by other means”, Cortina is the continuation of Rome by other means. And you really need to have “other means”, not only skis, but also other economic means.

But didn’t Zorro, on the other hand, frequent the salons of Mexican high society, and then put on his mask and black uniform and fight for the poor? And wasn’t Robin Hood, according to some, a Saxon nobleman who went over to the side of the poor, with the primitive idea of ​​redistributing income or taking away from the rich and giving to the poor? Therefore, there is no reason to be indignant about the new transformation of Conte, who in his short political career already has several versions of the iPhone.

It is curious to note that today this is the winning and prevailing left in Italy: think to what level the democratic party has fallen, in terms of credibility, appeal and political incisiveness, if the voters prefer more a mutant and null seller lawyer who defends them even patronage reasons rather than a left-wing party coming from the history of the Communist Party. A man from Ampezzo, Conte, who instead of storming the Winter Palace, as the Bolsheviks did, assaults the Winter from the Palace, a large five-star hotel, surrounded by luxuries and allurements.

The Truth – January 4, 2023

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Conte’s apology, five-star lawyer – Marcello Veneziani