Controversy in Olavarría: students made a parody of Cristina Kirchner and made fun of the “planeros”

A student representation that took place in the city of Olavarria in the run-up to Spring Day ended in a great controversy: a group of students from the last year of the Monsignor Cesar Caneva School they made a sketch parodying the vice president Cristina Kirchner and in the middle of the performance they described “planeros” and “fucking bums” beneficiaries of social plans.

The scene occurred this Tuesday at the door of the private and religious management institution that is located in the vicinity of the Municipality and the church in the center of the city, in the place known as “Paseo Jesús Mendía”.

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In the play, one of the students represents the Vice President who, from a platform, he throws polenta and boxes of wine at his supporters who carried signs reading “more plans and less shovels.”

I love my planeros and planeras, and that no one from the opposition gets close because I split them in two like a butterfly sausage”, the false Cristina was heard saying.

In dialogue with Clarionsources of Ministry of Education They explained that it was not a formal act. “Nor is it organized by the directors of the ministry or by the district authorities. But it involves the entire educational community”, they clarified.

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So far it is not known if there will be sanctions towards the students who participated in the parody or towards the institution. “At the College they don’t take charge, but maybe they should have prevented or stopped it at the time,” said a school official.

The repudiation of the sketch parodying Cristina Kirchner

The General Director of SchoolsAlberto Sileoni, repudiated the message left by the students who participated in the sketch parodying the Vice President. “Given the events that occurred in a school in Olavarría, we reiterate, we insist, that all schools have the obligation to be territories free of violence, real or symbolic, of discriminationof disrespect for others, where hate speech does not take place,” the official wrote on Twitter.

The rejection of the Director in the General Directorate of Culture and Education PBA. (Photo: Twitter / @AlbertoSileoni).

And he added: “We support it, regardless of who is the recipient of that violence, whether it is a public or private management school and beyond any political position.”

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The youth of Front of All Olavarría issued a statement that “strongly repudiates the symbolic violence exercised towards the figure of the Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner”.

The repudiation of a Provincial Deputy. (Photo: Twitter / @CesarValicenti).
The repudiation of a Provincial Deputy. (Photo: Twitter / @CesarValicenti).

Also, the provincial deputy César ValicentI, described as “very serious that an educational and religious institution such as the Monsignor César Cáneva Private Institute allows the hate speech Y discriminatory acts at a school event. Even more so in the context that our country is going through after the attack on the Vice President.

In another tweet, the Buenos Aires parliamentarian expressed:Faced with this situation, we express a total sense of concern and request a deep call to reflection for teachers, managers and representatives of the educational community of the “Monsignor César Cáneva” School.

Controversy in Olavarría: students made a parody of Cristina Kirchner and made fun of the “planeros”