Corsica Libera: A congress to renew its executive bodies

– This Sunday’s congress renewed its authorities, created a consigliu from which a ghjunta* emerged. What are the missions that will be entrusted to these two bodies?
From the day after the last territorial elections, Corsica Libera had announced its intention to renew its executive. This congress was an opportunity to carry out this renewal with a very significant rejuvenation of his bodies responsible for implementing the movement’s strategy adopted through the general orientation motion. A considerate is a broad body, representative of the entire movement, of all regions, of the diversity of backgrounds activistswhich is a place of permanent debate and validation of our major orientations. And an ghjunta made up of twelve people, mainly of young activists, which constitutes the representation of our movement and which is responsible for driving its action. These youth are now in charge of the redeployment of Corsica Libera. The congress also appointed two spokesperson national, Josepha Giacometti-Piredda and myself.
– Why this desire for renewal?
The central place given to the youth within our movement is not not something new, since for several years, Corsica Libera has chosen to give a central place to youth and not simply in front, but entrusting him with responsibilities including elective responsibilities, as in recent mandates. But actually, the reorganization and restructuring that have been validated during this congress take a step additional in the direction of this transmission towards the youth of responsibility for the national fight. – This sunday you also specified the strategic lines in which the political action of the party fits, and voted unanimously for a motion of general orientation. What is that what contains this motion?
– Proposal, action, resistance: this is the philosophy of this general orientation motion which is first and foremost the result of intense internal debates over several months. It merges different texts and different contributions and takes up globally positions that had been announced in recent months. I am thinking in particular of the motion for a political resolution in ten points which had been presented during the last international days of Corti. This motion is based on several Idice: the first is that todayI Corsica is, in our opinion, faced with a worrying situation with a Corsican people who are in way of minoritization on its own land, by the combined effects of real estate speculation, therefore of money king, and of a demographic evolution that no other region of Europe is experiencing in these proportions. The Corsican people are also denied in his rights and in the possibility of facing the great challenges which are imposed on him. At the same time, we consider that the Corsicans, and in particular the militants of the national movement, must find the necessary resources for a vital surge. And so we, within the framework of the political action which is ours, we intend to participate in it by being a force of proposal and action

– So what are your proposals?
In terms of proposals, we have this draft resolution in ten points which today is the only political project on the table, within the framework of discussions with Paris, sinceno other political formation has said what its roadmap was in the context of these discussions … apart from Corsica Libera. We also reaffirm the objective of full sovereignty, that’s to say of national independence. And here too we believe that it is a modern idea and that it is important for the current which is ours, to demonstratethrough the strength of our proposals, that it is both a practical and desirable path for the wellness of the Corsicans. We are therefore going to tackle this in the months to come by also reinvesting the militant field for popularize these actions there.

– Regarding the discussions with Paris, you have often defined them as “a parody of a historical process”. Why ?
On the side of theState French, he not’there is a “historical process” since Paris is not situated within the framework of a negotiation, but at best within the framework of simple discussions, maybe sometimes of pure chatter, in a logic which is that, possibly, of conceding some complementary competences to an assembly of local elected representatives. The absence of bottom policy in the discussions is also included in the protocol which was signed on March 17 between Gérald Darmanin and Gilles Simeoniwhich fixes red lines on the formality of the language, on the status of residence, on the recognition of a people who are today threatened and disappear louse the question againnot political prisoners. These are fundamental questions that have not been addressed and which for us must be at the heart of the process. So, actually, on the side of theState French. There is no tangible sign of the will to be part of a historical process. And on the side of near-unanimity Corsican elected officials, with the exception of Corsica Liberathere is for the time being a position that we dispute, which is that of considering that we would still be within the framework of discussions of a certain level and of historical dimension.It is not the case at all. And moreover, there is no clear political project on the table, opposed to Paris. We believe we have developed and consolidated a coherent project and that is why we want to deliver a clear analysis vis à vis of what is happening, namely that there is no process on the one hand, and on the other hand, we contribute to the debate by making concrete proposals.

Vou say that the objectif of Corsica Libera it is not the failure of discussions with Paris, but that’s allreverse, but that for that, it is necessary to start again on other bases, which ones?
– Let’s be clear: we are not speculating on the failure of the process. On the contrary, we want the success of a political process. Because if we speculates on a failure possible, we would speculate on the failure of Corsica and the failure of a better future for the Corsicans and that is not our state of mind at all.

NOTWe hope that the proposalss that we formulate issues are located at the heart of the diary Politics and so we are going in the weeks and months to come to meet the Corsicans and exchange on the basis of these proposals so that these could be at the center of real progress for Corsica.

The new ghjunta*: Anne-Cécile Nesa, Matteu Giona, Ghjuliu Antò Susini, Sampieru Andreani, Ghjiseppu Maria Verdi, Esteban Saldana, Battì Pieri, Jean-Daniel Cortopassi and Pierre-José Filipputti.

Corsica Libera: A congress to renew its executive bodies