On the initiative of the association Troupes en scène, nine actors took over the underground of the Imprimeries Réunisées, located rue Voltaire, in Moulins, on Friday evening. It was the first time that the Bertine caves hosted live shows. Sixty people had booked in October to attend the event. The maximum gauge of this place dating from the 13th century had been reached.

Perfect acoustics

Regular place of exhibition of sculptures or other works not afraid of humidity, the Bertine cellars have proven to be conducive to representations. The owners had graciously made them available to the organizers, but everyone wondered how the public would react.
However, the stroll between the four main rooms of the cellars, for six ten-minute sketches, was fluid and made it possible to observe these places steeped in history. The acoustics were perfect. The Troupes en scène volunteers had provided enough benches and chairs; they needed stamina to go up and down the cellar access stairs!

The Bertine cellars, medieval jewel of Moulins

Comedian Benjamin Lecoq also pointed out during his performance that a cellar to pay tribute to Ukraine at the moment is appropriate…
“We agree that he had a bad experience of his Putin confinement. »
Youssef Chaddou also scratched the politicians in a speech parody. His slogan: “Don’t vote white, vote black!” »
Reshma Mohamed, in solo, Amandine Popinat and Betty Brugneaux, in duo, bet on their lives as women to make people laugh.
Philippe Goigoux tried his hand at stand-up for the first time, with a text marked by derision, bicycles, cars and self-mockery.

For the benefit of the actions of
the Red Cross in Ukraine

The duo Aude Fagnot (theatre teacher at the François-Villon college) and Michel Durantin (Cie Le Bastringue) won all the votes again in their hilarious summary of the myth of Phèdre.

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Thanks to this evening, Troupes en scène raised €600 for material aid provided by the Red Cross in Ukraine.

“The Red Cross has developed three kinds of kits, food, hygiene and babies, which it distributes to local populations or displaced people. This is why the donations remain important, just as much as last spring”, declares Marie-Claude Lecomte, the president of the local unit of the Red Cross.

Marie-Claude Lecomte succeeds Didier Tarriant as head of the Moulins Unit of the Red Cross [Archives 2021]

The volunteers of Troupes en scène wanted to organize a next evening at the Bertine cellars on Friday December 16, but the owners had to cancel because the next exhibition at the Imprimeries Réunis will begin that day, with the works of the Parisian engraver Florence Hinneburg.

Two other performances may take place on February 24 and May 12. To be confirmed between Troupes en scène and Les Imprimeries Réunis.

For the next theater and comedy evenings of Troupes en scène, information and reservations on

The Bertine cellars can be visited all year round without appointment, from Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to noon and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Price: €3, free for children under ten.
Guided tour by reservation:

Culture – The Bertine cellars in Moulins (Allier) open to live shows