Cursed to Golf Review

Since I was a child I have been a big fan of de The Simpsons, hands down the American family, however imaginary, most famous ever. After the episode dedicated to Holy Order of Stonecutters (absolute masterpiece as far as I’m concerned), my favorite episode is undoubtedly the one in which Bart finds himself, driven by the clamor of the title and above all by his mother’s refusal, to “borrow” a copy of Bone Stormclear parody of Mortal Kombat.

Not that I was rooting for Bart and his theft, but the finale of the episode gave us a pearl that still echoes in the minds of fans of the series. In fact, Marge, after Bart’s redemption, gives the little thug a video game, which is certainly not the one desired, but the most iconic and unforgettable Kill that club, a sports simulation video game dedicated to golf. The boy’s disappointment is sensitive, and I think that of a real boy would have been too: a video game about golfreally?

Yet, for a few seconds Bart was fascinated by it, and I was struck by the exact same fate some time later by receiving a copy of Everybody’s Golf for the legendary PlayStation 1. Golf, a sport I knew nothing about and that I would hardly ever have the chance to play live, yet those immense virtual golf courses they literally stole an entire summer from me (which other friends, perhaps more wisely, were spending on Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid).

Precisely for this childhood experience, I always happen to take a look with interest at the new golf titles, and I must say that I really appreciate the new reinterpretation that the subgenre is taking on in recent years. It is not just the recent Mario Golf: Super Rushbut also of smaller and slightly more arcade-style productions such as Golf Story And Cursed To Golf, the subject of this review: a title full of irony and funny gimmicks that turned out to be a pleasant surprise! Let’s analyze it in more detail!

Die from laughing!

The plot of Cursed to Golf is nothing short of basic: we will play the role of Sample, a golfer who, according to the same announcer of the tournament that takes place in the early stages of the game, is considered a true divinity among golfers all over the world. Unfortunately, apparently this golf champion, in addition to being a formidable talent, is also a champion of bad luck, as just before the last hole that would crown him the winner, is struck by lightning and is left dead on the spot.

However, our golfer’s adventure did not come to a tragic end after this event, but to an exhilarating beginning! We will awaken in fact in a kind of purgatory for golfersand we will be greeted by The Scotsman, the ghost of an extremely charismatic golfer who will explain how things work in this limbo suspended between life and death. Our new mentor will explain to us that it is possible to come back to life, but no one has ever succeeded and that the undertaking could prove difficult even for a champion like us.

After a detailed tutorial in which the Scotsman himself will guide us we will be ready to make our way hole after hole to return to the surface, but above all, to come back to life! The plot will then flow linearly and will be almost only a background pretext to make our way in this escape from death; to hit instead will be the secondary characters that we will meet, like Lo Scozzese, all well characterized and distinguished each by a unique and unmistakable irony, an irony that, on balance, permeates the entire production in a very pleasant way.

Cursed to Golf

“The ball is in … the parking lot!”

If the plot is already pleasant without being fundamental, it is the gameplay the most focused point of the entire production. In fact, Cursed to Golf is proposed as a 2D platform whose peculiarity is the fact that we will not have freedom of movement, but we will have to make our way to the sound of throws with the golf club: our goal, as well as the only way to access the subsequent stages. and escape from this purgatory, will in fact be that of hole in the least number of strokesexactly like real golf!

Cursed to Golf in fact follows in all respects the real sport on which it is based, but makes everything much more comical and extreme, introducing, in addition to classic obstacles such as sand and small ponds, even more bizarre ones such as TNT boxes or fans that can hold our ball. To complete each level we will have available five throwsbut scattered here and there there will be statuettes (in perfect Oscar-winning style!) that can increase the number of shots available to the player.

Obviously we will not have to limit ourselves to throwing our ball as far as possible, on the contrary, the title also makes sure to give the player a decent dose of strategy starting from the fact that you can select one of three different clubs for each shot: Driver, Wedge and Iron. Each will allow us to carry out a different type of launch and each will be ideal for passing a particular part of the stage: be it a short, long shot, or one that requires a certain trajectoryour champion will have to adopt the right strategy if he wants to survive, or rather, revive!

To move things further there is also a card system which will give us access to a series of temporary power ups. It will deal with the most disparate features, starting with the possibility of doing explode entire TNT files to create a shortcut to the hole, to be able carry out a test shotpassing through the possibility of freeze the ball in mid-air to make it land where we prefer. A fair variety of elements that will make each stage unique and that helps to create a varied gameplay and in which the player will have to strive to be able to get to the hole in the least number of strokes.

Cursed to Golf

Technical sector: hole in one shot!

Cursed to Golf is of course not a high-budget title, but that doesn’t mean that even from a technical point of view the developers haven’t made the most of their resources, quite the contrary! For what concern graphic sector in fact, the title offers a very pleasant and colorful one pixel art very cartoonish that goes perfectly with both the game settings and the omnipresent humor of the title.

The title also offers an excellent one soundtrack full of rhythmic tracks and perfectly in line with the production. These are not particularly inspired tracks, it must be said, but I must admit they manage to turn out to be quite memorable, so much so that I found myself unconsciously humming the main theme after closing my game. The only small drawback of the production lies in theItalian adaptationnot always precise and that from time to time presents some small transcription errors.

Definitely, Cursed to Golf is a simple and fun title, with a concept perhaps not very original nowadays, but definitely valid. The humor proposed is very pleasant and the gameplay manages to prove challenging, but never frustrating; the review was made with the Steam version of the title, but I am also convinced that this type of productions are perfect for Nintendo Switch, thanks to a portability that makes them excellent hit and run pastimes.

You can find it on the Nintendo eShop at a price of € 19.99.

Cursed to Golf Review – Deadly Fun!