Dallas, The Simpsons: these series that played the “Who shot…?” card »

This is one of the most famous cliffhangers in the history of the series: a character, generally adored by fans, is shot. A real investigation is then launched, sometimes mobilizing the whole world.

Update: this article “Dallas, The Simpsons: these series that played the “Who shot…? » » was released in January 2020. It was updated in September 2022.

In the series Riverdale

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At the very end of season 1, it is the character of Fred Andrews, dad of Archie, who is shot at Pop’s. The culprit is masked and is nicknamed “Black Hood” (or “hooded killer” in VF). Then begins the central plot of the second chapter of Riverdale. SPOILER ALERT : This is Hal Cooper, Betty’s dad.

The Simpsons



Back to 1995, with one of the biggest cliffhangers of simpsons : that of final season from season 6, where Mr. Burns gets shot. The episode was designed as a parody of the cult “Who Shot JR?” » (dallas) and generated almost as much reaction and excitement from the public. There are countless fan theories about this. We have to wait for the launch of season 7 to discover that the culprit is none other than Maggie Simpson. More exactly, Mr Burns threw himself on the child to steal his lollipop, but failed and his defense weapon went off aiming at him in the chest.

In the series Twin Peaks

dale cooper, twin peaks


While the investigation into the death of Laura Palmer is not over, the producers of Twin Peaks set up another big mystery at the end of Season 1, when Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) gets shot several times. You have to wait a few months before discovering that it is Josie Packard. Dale was increasingly suspicious of the young woman during his investigation, which prompted her to commit such an act.

How To Get Away With Murder

how to get away with murder, annalise


If each season of How To Get Away With Murder starts with a flashforward announcing an upcoming victim, the second chapter of the show was very strong by showing us Annalize on the ground, hit by a bullet in the heart. Two mysteries were then launched: Will Annalize die? And who shot her? We discover, during final mid seasonthat it was his student Wes who pulled the trigger.


dallas who shot jr


It’s the cliffhanger of cliffhangers, the one that really started the “Who shot…? » in the universe of the series. In 1980, the whole world was as passionate about the American presidential election as dallas. Season 3 of the soap opera ends with a scene that has become legendary: his anti-hero JR Ewing is shot. The question “Who shot JR?” is then on everyone’s lips and finds an answer in episode 4 of its season 4, watched by 83 million Americans, where we discover that it is Kristin Shepard (sister-in-law and mistress of JR).

In 2013, the revival of dallas put the cover back in the final season from season 2, where JR receives a fatal blow this time around. It was Bum who shot him, at JR’s request, when the latter was dying. As his son John Ross said, “the only person who could take down JR was JR”.

In the series Desperate Housewives

paul zach young desperate housewives


During his mid-season 7 finale, after an eventful and devastating episode, Paul Young was shot in the chest in front of his home. Several characters are then suspected by the fans – remember that Paul has many enemies – but it will later be discovered that the weapon belongs to his son Zach. We are witnessing a particularly glaucous reunion between father and son.

pretty Little Liars

ezra pretty little liars

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Among the many twists and cliffhangers of pretty Little Liars, fans certainly haven’t forgotten the tragic ending of Season 4, where Ezra’s character gets shot. He collapses in the arms of his beloved Aria. All eyes are then on -A, the big villain of the series, but the culprit turns out to be Shana, the young swimmer close to Ali.

Dallas, The Simpsons: these series that played the “Who shot…?” card »