Damecour makes a hilarious parody on Marcelo and the Lyon dressing room (video)

The newspaper l’Équipe revealed a rather special case quite recently. Regarding Marcelo, former player of Olympique Lyonnais. Indeed, according to the writings that appeared in L’Équipe, Marcelo would have behaved in a totally inappropriate way at the start of the season with Lyon, something that would have precipitated his departure from the club. Everything would have started from the match at the start of the season against Angers where the Gones had lost heavily with the score of (3-0). At the end of the match, one player in particular would have stood out in the worst possible way.

This is Brazilian defender Marcelo. The latter would have had flatulence in the locker room.

The Marcelo case does not escape Damecour

For greater clarity, he would have released “farts” which made him laugh with one of his teammates, all in the presence of the legend Juninho, the sporting director of OL. In addition, Juninho would not have appreciated at all the inappropriate behavior of his player who had also delivered a most disappointing performance against Angers.

Juninho, who represents Lyon’s identity, did not appreciate the attitude of one of the most experienced players in the Rhone squad who in principle must set an example.

From that moment, the climate became heavy between Juni and Marcelo, and this is what would have precipitated the departure of the defender to Bordeaux during the recent winter transfer window.

Facts denied by the person concerned

The revelations of the newspaper l’Équipe have caused a lot of talk, especially on social networks where Internet users have taken pleasure in making fun of Marcelo.

Given the outcry aroused by the case, the former Lyon player went out of his way to denounce the article in the newspaper l’Équipe.

Pierre Antoine Damecour also followed this news very closely, to say the least funny.

The comedian columnist is fond of this kind of file where he can unleash all his imagination to get us out of first-class parodies. This is how the comedian took on the role of Juninho to take on the supposed atmosphere that prevailed in the OL locker room after the defeat against Angers.

Damecour prefers to fire Marcelo instead of Paqueta

Damecour is fully in his role as manager severely scolding his players for the unworthy performance against the Angevins. In his harangue-style speech, Damecour was stopped by a sound of farting which immediately made him angry.

He will then ask who is the author of the flatulence.

Paqueta’s name was mentioned. Without hesitating for a second, the manager will make the decision to fire Paqueta for his inappropriate behavior. However, his assistant will whisper in his ear that Paqueta is the best player in the squad. Immediately, Damecour will reconsider his decision and will rather fire Marcelo manu militari. Pierre Antoine Damecour is one of a kind


Damecour makes a hilarious parody on Marcelo and the Lyon dressing room (video)