Dave Chappelle Parodies The Dragon House In New Sketch

Despite years of shameless transphobia and courted controversy, Dave Chappelle was invited to host Saturday Night Live, what he did last night. SNL is no stranger to inviting problematic hosts (such as donald trump and Elon Musk), and Chappelle, who openly calls himself “Team TERF,” is the latest in a long line of the show’s controversial and underwhelming tradition. Chappelle, who is an accomplished comedian when not transphobic, became a household name from his own sketch show titled Chappelle show.

Throughout the night, Chappelle would talk about the sketches or introduce them when it came to digital shorts, which is the format adopted by his own show; as such, it’s no surprise that some iconic characters have also made an appearance in the sketches. Characters like Tyrone Biggums, Rick James and Silky Johnson were brought in for the evening Dragon House sketch.

The sketch started with Chappelle talking about how he’s a big fan of both game of thrones and House of the Dragon. He also explained how the new Westeros show included more black characters than the parent series; in the sketch, these new characters included three Chappelle show characters, as well as the inclusion of Donnel Rawlings and Ice-T. “Anyone here watching this new show, ‘House of the Dragon’?” Chappelle was asked to put together the sketch. “I’m the biggest fan of ‘Game of Thrones’, I love their new show. And I have to tell you, I love that they include black characters. But to be honest, the black characters… they take me out of that a bit. It’s that blonde hair and those accents of yesteryear. It’s a little shocking, where are these people from?

Kenan Thompson in SNL House of the Dragon Sketch
Picture via NBC

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The sketch, which was stylized as a preview for season 2 of the hit series, featured Chloe Fineman like Rhaenyra Targaryen, Michael Longfellow as Daemon Targaryen, as well as Kenan Thompson, My money, Punkie Johnsonand Chappelle’s various characters as allies of the Targaryen couple who visit the couple in Dragonstone.

The return of Tyrone Biggums, Rick James and Silky Johnson from Chappelle show It would have been cool to watch given the popularity of the characters if it weren’t for Chappelle’s streak of controversy. The comedian has been publicly transphobic since at least 2017 and Saturday Night Live giving it a significant platform is questionable and frustrating.

Giving his entire episode a watch would signal to officials that people want to see more of his “jokes” at the expense of the transgender community he continues to dub on. However, if you just want to watch specific skits and not the entire show, you can check out the Dragon House sketch below:

Dave Chappelle Parodies The Dragon House In New Sketch – GameSpot