DC: After Lobo, James Gunn teases the arrival of this other emblematic character

A few days ago, James Gunn shared an image of Lobo on his Twitter account. Recently become the co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn will therefore take care of DC cinema releases. He therefore promoted the arrival of this emblematic character from DC comics. Now, james gunn again went to his Twitter account to tease the arrival of a new character.

DC’s new boss James Gunn

A month ago, Walter Hamada has resigned as CEO of DC Films. David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery has therefore found not one, but two replacements to succeed Walter Hamada. Indeed, for a month now, director james gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Suicide Squad) and producer Peter Safran became the two leaders of DC Studios.

A week ago, James Gunn took to his Twitter account to celebrate the good news. He tweeted a message saying “happy to be here”. A short message followed by an image, out of nowhere, of Lobo, the famous super-villain of the DC universe. Parody of dark characters like Wolverine, Cable or Punisher, Lobo is a recurring enemy of Superman.. Without formalizing a project centered on Lobo, the mere fact of the existence of this image teases a potential appearance of the supervillain in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Another character soon introduced?

Recently, James Gunn did it again. After capturing fans’ attention with Lobo, the filmmaker has just shared an image of a new DC character. He has in fact posted an image of Mister Terrific on his Twitter account.

Created in 1942 by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake, Mister Terrific is a very famous hero of the DC stable, who was notably member of the Justice of Societya team recently featured in black adam. Two men have borne the name Mister Terrific over time: Terry Sloane and Michael Holt. The image shared by James Gunn focuses on the latter.


In the comics, Mr Terrific has a natural aptitude for picking up all sorts of skills quickly and skills that would normally take a lifetime for someone normal. Michael Holt is also considered to be the third smartest man on the planet. He is aided by advanced technology, including his T-Spheres, floating robotic spheres with multiple functions. He is invincible to all forms of electronic detection.

We obviously do not yet know what role Mr Terrific will play in the DCEU. But it could easily be the own movie star as he is an influential character in the DC universe. As with Lobo a few weeks ago, James Gunn did not explain why he shared this image of Mr. Terrific. Still, if Lobo and Mr. Terrific are actually on their way to joining the DCEU, it proves James Gunn’s desire to bring a breath of fresh air about the DC Cinematic Universe, featuring characters never before seen in theaters.


November 15, 2022

DC: After Lobo, James Gunn teases the arrival of this other emblematic character