De la Carrera again polemicizes on TV and accuses Monse Álvarez of fake news:

The deputy had a tense exchange with the professional after they accused each other of publishing false news.

A tense crossing was experienced in the first moments of the morning with you in the morning, after the deputy Gonzalo de la Carrera and the journalist Monserrat Álvarez will accuse each other of broadcasting ‘fake news’.

The deputy, as a result of the controversies that he has staged in recent days after beating Alexis Sepúlveda, approached the morning show to talk about his version of his actions.

It was then that Álvarez affirmed that de la Carrera “has not made a self-criticism because he is justifying his blow to the deputy’s face. But also you lied yesterday on Twittersaying that he was supported by Marcela Cubillos, by Deputy Longton and Senator Macaya”

“Oh, how nice what you are telling me, because that is a parody account. How nice that he was wrong and made a fake news ”, The congressman responded immediately.

“Let all your viewers know, everyone listen: Monserrat Álvarez made a fake news and takes over a parody account, which is not mine. Congratulations for the journalistic activity of Monserrat Álvarez”, he added in a mocking tone.

“Well, let’s check it out, the truth is that it’s not…”, replied the professional, being interrupted by de la Carrera.

This is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me today. You have made me happy. You, who have always criticized me for making fake news, have just made a tremendous one, ”she continued, to which the journalist and her partner, Julio César Rodríguez, try to talk.

Calm down a little, deputy. If we are going to listen. This is not the congress, we can talk and you have all the time in the world”, Rodríguez intervened.

In that, the screen shows the deputy’s Twitter account. “This is his Twitter, right? We are going down to look for the information that was published yesterday”, explains Álvarez while they show the process on the screen and come up with the post.

“The truth is that there is the tweet. @carreragonzalo is her Twitter, right, deputy? ”, Asks the journalist, who, after having the affirmative response from the authority, start reading the post.

“You publish this tweet and Longton, Cubillos and Macaya publish that they condemn the events and, therefore, do not support your actions in Congress. So what is the fake news?Alvarez asked.

In that, de la Carrera, skeptical, replies: “What is it, po. Tell me what is the fake news. You said that I lied. Where is the lie?.

“Neither Macaya nor Cubillos nor Longton supports it,” Álvarez pointed out.

“And who says they support me? I said that the comments below their Twitter support me. The comments. He has reading comprehension problems. launched the deputy.

“Ah, it seems that Longton, Macaya, Cubillos and I we have the same reading comprehension problem”commented the annoyed journalist.

I wouldn’t be surprisedbecause the intellectual level of many in Congress is quite low, “said Acid de la Carrera and then returned to the interview.

Minutes later, when the conversation was already heading in another direction, de la Carrera assured that the space’s entertainers “are used to bullying their guests and victimizing themselves.”

“Monserrat Álvarez is used to laughing and making fun. She initiated the contact by saying that I had lied in a tweet. And I still don’t hear her say, ‘You know what else, I misread. She knows what else, I got the punctuation wrong, or she knows what else, I got carried away,” she accused.

“Why do we men have to feel bullied by men and some kind of women?” He annoyed, unleashing the journalist’s reaction.

“If he was bullied, I find that it doesn’t matter if he’s a man or a woman,” Álvarez closed to change the subject.

De la Carrera again polemicizes on TV and accuses Monse Álvarez of fake news: