Death Anna Rita Luceri, her husband: “The fever at 41 ° then the coma, we are waiting for answers from the autopsy”

Anna Rita Luceri died at 48 due to an illness which has not yet been fully clarified. She was a multifaceted artist, she was the voice of Abash’s progressive rock, but she had also trod the Zelig stage with the comic trio Ciciri and Tria. On, her husband Maurilio Gigante retraced the last days he spent with his wife, he traced a memory and clarified the circumstances of her death.

Anna Rita Luceri on the left with Maurilio Gigante, on the right during a sketch of Ciciri and Tria

Anna Rita Luceri she died on August 15, she was alone 48 years old. The singer and actress, she had made herself known to the public by participating in highly successful programs such as Zelig And You yes que vales with the comic trio Ciciri and Tria. With Carla Calò and Francesca Sanna she staged a fanciful parody of the Salento wives, between religious songs and gossip. A parenthesis that ended two years ago. But Luceri was above all an esteemed singer, voice of Abash, a group recognized as the custodian of progressive Mediterranean rock. In addition, he had put his extraordinary vocal skills at the service of disco music, which characterized his performances with Kiss and the gang. In both bands she was joined by her husband, the musician Maurilio Gigante who granted an interview to to remember his wife Anna Rita Luceri and to clarify the circumstances of his death.

The news of his wife’s disappearance generated a wave of affection for you family members.

It surprised me and, if possible, shocked me even more. The day after Anna Rita’s death, the house was full of friends, musicians, colleagues. And on Facebook I read countless posts that on the one hand made me happy, but on the other every memory was a punch in the stomach.

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Anna Rita Luceri’s last concert with Kiss and the gang dates back to a few days before her death. Were there no signs that suggested the tragedy that would later happen?

The last evening was held on July 29 in Porto Cesareo (in the province of Lecce, ed). I specify that my wife suffered from fibromyalgia, so on some occasions she gave up and she was replaced by other singers. When we finished that evening, she was tired, she was in pain, but no more than usual. But she had swollen lymph nodes on her neck that made us worry. In the following days, there was a rapid escalation. It was a via crucis.

Can you tell me what happened?

On July 30th we had an event, but she didn’t come because she wasn’t well. On my way home from work, I got the message in which he told me that she had a fever of 41 °. On Wednesday, August 3, you had a bad night, with extreme pain. She realized they were not related to fibromyalgia. Something serious was happening. She fell asleep on Friday. For a moment we thought that she was disposing of the fatigue, the medicines and instead… We hospitalized her immediately. She arrived at the hospital in a vigilant coma. On Saturday 6 August she was already in intensive care. On August 14, the day before her death, she had a severe collapse, but the doctors managed to recover her.

Then, unfortunately, Anna Rita didn’t make it. Did the doctors give you any answers about the causes of death?

The autopsy was done, we asked for it. We await some answers, hoping they will arrive. We know that the marrow went into necrosis almost immediately. And then some spots, which he originally had on his skin, spread over his lungs and brain. As I said, she arrived at the hospital that she was already in a vigilant coma. Then she was always sedated. The only thing that gives me comfort is that, from what I have been told, at least in the last few days she has not suffered.

So the hypothesis that it was leukemia is unfounded?

Various hypotheses have been made: leukemia, mononucleosis, chicken pox, encephalitis, a virus, an autoimmune disease, but no. Or rather, we still don’t have certainties. In the ward they did everything they could, they realized it was a race against time, they were exceptional. However, one of the doctors said that in twenty years she had never seen such a complicated case. Officially, we don’t have an explanation yet.

As often happens when premature death occurs, some NoVax have arbitrarily attributed Anna Rita Luceri’s passing to an adverse effect of the vaccine.

No, I can say that no one has ever talked about the hypothesis that death may have to do with the vaccine. In the most absolute way. I am vaccinated and the whole family is vaccinated. Unfortunately, these rumors will always be there. I feel like archiving this eventuality. It will be the autopsy that will give us answers. We do not know how long it will take, the times could be long.

The singer and actress Anna Rita Luceri

The singer and actress Anna Rita Luceri

Anna Rita, on her YouTube channel, wrote: “I have a wonderful family and I love my home”. How many years had you been married?

For 22 years. We met while we were putting on Jesus Christ Superstar. I interpreted Jesus, she Mary Magdalene. From there our feeling was born. For me it was not only my wife, but also a friend, a colleague, a constant stimulus. She always told her how good she was, but maybe I said too little: “How beautiful you are”. I should have done this every day. My wife changed my life. Before meeting her, I was already an established musician, but only with her I started to make concrete projects.

Yours was also an artistic partnership.

We made four records together. I wrote our music, thinking about her voice and she always knew how to interpret it. The first ten, fifteen years of marriage, our home was a seaport. We would finish rehearsals with Abash or Kiss and the gang and then we all ate together. Anna Rita liked to make people feel good, whoever was close to her never quarreled. Whatever environment she was, she was the queen.

Two children were also born of your marriage.

Yes, they are 19 and 15 years old. The eldest son, Giovanni, has been playing with me for a while. The second son, Gabriele, is a saxophonist. With them, Anna Rita was a friend when it was right to be, but when she got angry it was trouble (smiles, ed). After the death of the mother, I am unable to interpret them. Too many silences, even when I urge them to ask me questions.

I think it’s understandable, it’s only been a few days.

It comforts me that they have a busy life and little time for brooding. They always have friends by their side, Gabriele will soon return to school and Giovanni, if all goes well, will start the Conservatory. For me the mornings are terrible, I wake up with memories that weigh like boulders. I try to keep busy so as not to think.

These days, he has started playing again. I guess it was hard to get back on stage without his wife.

I had to resume, both for the boys and for me, but turn around and not see Anna Rita… forget it. As I sang, the image of my lifeless wife haunted me. It was a terrible evening. I hope in the cure of time and music.

Le Ciciri and Tria participated in Zelig and Tu Sì que vales

Le Ciciri and Tria participated in Zelig and Tu Sì que vales

Not everyone knows that for two years, Anna Rita Luceri had left the Ciciri and Tria, while maintaining the friendship with Carla Calò and Francesca Sanna.

Certainly that project gave Anna Rita great visibility. Of the three, she was the one serving the jokes, greeting, thanking, holding the stage. She was the midfielder of the trio. They had found their own balance. All artistic stories can have a peak and then a waning phase. It can happen, they have remained very close friends. Carla and Francesca went on alone.

How would you like Anna Rita Luceri to be remembered?

As a multifaceted artist, exceptional in everything she did. She entered this world as a singer and ended her life as one. She has given me so much. Unfortunately, there was no way to say goodbye, because after she fell asleep, she never regained consciousness. I’ll take this thing with me. However, if we believe in the existence of an otherworldly dimension, I am sure that you know how I am, what I feel and what is spinning in my head.

Below is the song Oltre, a song by Abash sung by Anna Rita Luceri.

Death Anna Rita Luceri, her husband: “The fever at 41 ° then the coma, we are waiting for answers from the autopsy”