“Diabolik 2”, a film that replicates the defects of the previous one

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack!the sequel to the 2021 film focused on the comic book character who became famous in the sixties, namely the elusive thief created by the Giussani sisters, is in theaters.

The protagonist now has the face no longer of Luca Marinelli, but of the Italian-Canadian actor Giacomo Gianniotti, already seen in Grey’s Anatomy: the bad interpretation of the first then gives way to the random presence of the second, who is asked to be a double of the paper icon and nothing else. Just as in the previous film there was a bewitching Eva Kant at the center of the scene that Hitchcock would have liked, in this new title the narrative focus is on Inspector Ginko, who is so obsessed with capturing the King of Terror that he compromises his own private life. To give a face to the two are once again Miriam Leone and Valerio Mastandrea but, in this round, they seem to carry out their duty without great conviction, with the result of conforming to a film that seems proud of its colorless tone. The fact is that in this second adventure, faithfully adapted from a book released in 1964, i Manetti Bros.regardless of criticism (here the review of the first chapter), insist on recreating the spirit of the old-fashioned comic and end up in this way by giving the theaters a film born old.

Maintaining the approach already seen in the previous work unchanged, albeit by adding less impersonal directing movements, means that “Diabolik 2” never takes off, also weighed down by a deliberately static and atonic acting, didactic dialogues and discounted twists.

The new film opens with Diabolik’s theft of a precious crown, the flagship piece of a collection of precious items that was soon presented at a fashion show. Naturally on this second occasion the thief is not slow to show up; too bad he fell into a trap set by Inspector Ginko. The jewels have been made locatable and so, following the stolen signal, police discovers the refuge that Diabolik has inside a mountain. Here he and Eva, to avoid capture, are forced to leave the entire booty of their many shots. During her escape she is left behind by her partner, she feels betrayed and therefore swears to take revenge on her: she will conspire against Diabolik, helping Ginko to take him. Meanwhile, the arrival of Altea (Monica Bellucci), Duchess of Vallenberg e secret love the inspector, complicates things.

“Diabolik 2” has objective qualities such as the great care in the costumes, the engaging soundtrack and a rich scenography. THE headlinesthen, they are a real James Bond-style video clip even if the fact that the story does not maintain the qualitative level of the incipit afterward generates an alienating effect: in the light of the soporific plot, that first sequence acquires a caricatured nuance .

There are inconsistencies in the script, supporting actors who are little more than specks and small action sequences whose clumsiness it is not clear whether it is intended or not.

As proof of the absolute lack of charm of the whole, it was possible to resize the allure of the Leone and to deprive Monica Bellucci of it, here digitally retouched in the face in a blatant and approximate way. As if that weren’t enough, the latter was asked to play with an exotic accent, which made her gibberish and incomprehensible: she doesn’t distinguish the actress from the parody that has been made of her over the years.

The third installment of the trilogy was filmed at the same time as this one, so there is little hope left.

“Diabolik 2”, a film that replicates the defects of the previous one