Dialogue (not so much) imaginary with a non

Pino Landonio concludes his path of reflections on the upcoming elections

So you think you are not voting?
I don’t want to waste my time …

And why on earth? Explain better!
Because so much, with the vote, nothing changes! I have not voted for twenty years, and I have not repented.

But don’t you think that by doing so, you are just playing the game of anti-politics?
Antipolitics? But which anti-politics? Just look at what has happened in the last ten years: whoever was voted on, either didn’t rule, or did it differently from how he wanted to rule. Does this seem serious to you? This is the real anti-politics!

We should go back and see on a case by case basis… and in any case do not confuse the contradictions of an electoral system or the intrinsic weakness of the political framework with the importance of the vote!
Don’t teach me about democracy! I have always voted as long as it was clear who was voting for! And the next day they knew who would rule! But now it’s all a big mess …

Can I ask you who you were voting for?
For the Italian Communist Party, as long as there was the PCI. Even if the Christian Democrats always won … But then there was clarity. Either us or them. And also the opposition, because the PCI has always been in opposition, it was a serious matter! We have achieved much more in the opposition than when “the left” went to the government! Do you remember the workers’ statute? Or the 194? Or the health reform? Those were the times! Other than these!

But don’t you think that every time has its problems, while democracy is only one, and it must be carefully safeguarded, because it is an asset not to be lost?
But what democracy and democracy! Here only the strong powers rule! What does the people’s vote really matter? Do you think anything changes if Letta wins? Or the Meloni? So much will Europe decide …

Don’t make it that simple! I think it is very different if Letta wins or Meloni wins. And you, who was a PCI militant, should teach me!
Meanwhile, I did not say that I was a militant of the PCI. I said I voted for it. Then Letta … what does it have to do with the left? And the Meloni? Who can be afraid of? It will end up in the same way as the Renzi or the 5 Stars!

You are wrong! Letta will not be the same as the PCI you voted for, but it still represents a democratic left anchored to European values; Meloni refers to symbols and a history that risks taking us back. God, country and family: do you like it as a slogan?
But it’s just a slogan! Who do you want me to fear? Rather he spoke of Letta’s European values: good ones! They only served to starve Greece! And what has Europe done for migrants?

Meanwhile, Greece is recovering. And the idea of ​​redistribution begins to pass over the migrants. If anything, it is Meloni’s friendly countries, starting with Orban, who are opposed, and which show little democracy! Remember that Europe is also that of the PNRR, which has granted more resources to Italy than it has ever had!
Yes. It is also the one that with the sanctions on Russia has ended up increasing the price of gas to the point of strangling us!

blankMeanwhile, the sanctions were sacrosanct after what Russia has done and is doing in Ukraine. Gas is a problem, of course, but we can only get out of it all together, by establishing a controlled price and above all by differentiating energy sources so as not to depend only on Russian gas. Here too, as he sees, it is a question of democracy. Doesn’t it seem to you that reasoning with France, Germany and Spain is more serious than relying on the countries of Visegrad?

In any case she does not convince me … and if I had to go to vote I would cancel the ballot!

Doing so does the game of the rights, which are given ahead in all the polls! Doesn’t it seem at least dangerous for you, who voted for the PCI, to rely on a party that harks back to the flame of Almirante, moreover exactly one hundred years after the march on Rome? Is anti-fascism a value for you, isn’t it?
But this is just a parody of fascism … And who should I vote for? Stuff my nose for what?

blankI told him: never like this time, for many years, the distinction is clear: there is a right-right, united to win the elections thanks to this electoral law (even if then divided on many things), and there are parties center and left which, even if divided, guarantee first of all an anti-fascist history, and then respect for values ​​and alliances in Europe. And that’s no small feat, believe me, in hard times like these and with war just around the corner.
Will you propose to me to vote “against” and not to vote “for”?

I propose that you vote for democracy. Which is not an eternal value, but which must be handled and defended with care, so as not to disperse it. Our constituent fathers fought to conquer it and to guarantee it to all of us. Let’s not throw it overboard! Think about it, before you don’t vote!
I think about it. I’ll think about it. But I don’t guarantee you anything!

Pino Landonio


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