Did BBC News install a camera inside Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin?

It’s false. The video that circulated on social networks that supposedly shows the interior of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is a humorous montage broadcast on a Dutch television program. The British news portal BBC He did not install cameras in the sovereign’s coffin, as several users on Twitter and Facebook wrongly point out.

In the audiovisual that circulated, images of the transfer in the hearse of the remains of the queen through the streets of Scotland are observed, which are interspersed with the video of the supposed interior of the coffin where the queen rests.

The fake video was edited as if it were a broadcast from the BBCdue to the fact that a logo with a similar design and colors but with the name “BBC Extra +” is shown in the upper part, while the name of a web page (bbcextraplus.com) is read in the lower part.

“That the BBC installed a camera inside the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II and broadcast the image during the transfer, in addition to being out of place, I see it as a macabre and bad taste act,” denounced a user on Twitter.

“That he had a camera inside the coffin and they were changing the image in the broadcast of the procession. It seems to me the most macabre in the world, ”emphasized another user.

Montage used for a parody

A Google search for the alleged channel “BBC Extra +” showed the verifications carried out by some pages of fact checking What Damn hoax (Spain) and EFE Verifies. In addition, Dutch media publications appear that reported criticism of the humorous program that made the video for making fun of Queen Elizabeth II.

Entering the web page shown in the audiovisual, he is directed to the website of the Dutch satirical news program “De Avond Show”, which is presented by the comedian Arjen Lubach.

The broadcast of the program where the satirical video is shown is published on the program’s YouTube channel. From minute 6:56 you can see the fragment of the video that was broadcast.

“It’s really historic. I was ‘zapping’ and there is even a channel, BBC Extra Plus, with a live report from the inside”, says the presenter before showing the broadcast and the false image of the body inside the coffin.

In the montage, laughter can be heard from an audience when it is shown how the false image of Elizabeth II, supposedly lying inside the coffin, moves slightly due to the movement of the coffin inside the moving vehicle. This proves that the broadcast video is a parody.

When checking the images transmitted by BBCNewsit was found that there is no camera that retransmitted the interior of the coffin of the monarch.

fake news on the death of the monarch

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, several false news about the sovereign have circulated on social networks.

The EFE news agency denied the alleged images showing that Elizabeth II was throwing food at hungry children as if they were animals, because they were taken in Indochina decades before the monarch was born.

A photo of the queen’s alleged gold coffin was also released. However, the images that circulated were of the coffin of Mexican singer José José.

Fake news spreads rapidly on social networks and messaging platforms, so it is important that users avoid sharing or publishing text, images or videos that have not been published by official means.

Did BBC News install a camera inside Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin?