Dynamic Military Gymnastics in Pisa and Livorno: Cobas school against

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In Pisa on 19 September at the middle school ‘R. Fucini ‘, in Livorno on the 20th at the Nautico’ A. Cappellini ‘, just before the reopening of the schools, the presentation show of the new discipline -‘ Military Dynamic Gymnastics’ – will be held, which in these days of war catastrophe and widespread patriotic rhetoric is experiencing a moment of relaunch and diffusion in all Italy. What are gymnasts doing in military uniform, dressed as rambo to the war and imbued with testosteronic and nationalistic camaraderie, inside the Pisan and Livorno school gyms? Who are the new dynamic and military gymnasts? What do they propose? What is the novelty of their gymnastic proposal?

Nothing special, at first glance: push-ups, squats, hops, crunches, one-and-two … nothing more than the warm-up exercise typical of any minimally prepared gym teacher. On the other hand, according to the numerous videos on the net (we recommend viewing for strong stomachs starting from the website www.gdmi.it), the military approach, the camaraderie, the geometric and unisoning discipline, the anxiety of overcoming the physical limit are new. , the nationalistic motivation, the suffering snout of those who give all of themselves between tears and sweat not even going to win the war in Libya, the patriotic and winking imagery of the glorious time that was.

“No connection with political ideologies”, specifies the homepage of the site, in which the partnership with the Italian Army stands out clearly. Excusatio non petita, which suggests a very specific underlying political ideology. The style, the (tri-) colors, the obligatory clothing as a uniform, the ideology underlying the method, in fact too blatantly recall a late-nationalistic rhetoric. The presidentissimo, very muscular and charismatic figure of the sports association even proposes himself as a musician and singer, with winks and inspired verses such as:

“Dear Italy, the time to be reborn has come […] In our destiny, artists, poets, geniuses and dictators have passed. The time has come to look at each other and say: yes, I’m fucking Italian – Italian […] as brothers we are Italian […] One heart, one soul, one vision, one heart that beats in unison for the nation, one heart dear Italy my nation, my nation in the heart. Life has shown me that united we win. A vision taken from the sky from afar […] yes it’s hard training but it’s life. From the first step get up and just follow your soul. She will guide you inside a great nation, her color is the tricolor. Italian military dynamic gymnastics “.

Not least the self-presentations of the area coaches: “We welcome everyone. As long as they respect the rules […]. There is no discussion because there is no discussion […] There is no room for discussion. Military is a tribute to the method used to train once upon a time. Respect for the instructor who gives the exercises in the form of a command, without questioning, in the belief that he knows where to take us “.

The coaches-managers of Military Gymnastics find the best allies among the territorial groups of Fratelli d’Italia, the party of Giorgia Meloni which has dedicated a substantial part of the electoral program to the relaunch of sports in schools. Carlo Ciccoli, president of the Brothers of Italy Marche Region group (famous for his past as a pistol-fist of political opponents – of the left – and for his present as a patriarchal and anti-feminist outsourcer) spends words of praise and directly sponsors the new investment of the Region to the advantage of the “novelty that is establishing itself” of the GDM. In Brescia, GDM-accredited trainers participate with the entire staff of the Brothers of Italy in cutting the ribbon for the opening of sports facilities.

A clear attempt is being made to militarize the younger generations through regimentation of the didactic and educational contents of the schools. The military fanfare too often sounds like an attraction for those schools that choose to start alternating school-work projects in the barracks, which host members of the armed corps to give lessons, which entice students to wave tricolor flags in military parades. It is a school-barracks model that implies the creation of an imaginary of person and lifestyle that recognizes the ‘military’ as ‘good’, weapons as necessary, military bases as an outpost of progress, and the future war. and imminent, as the only option for our civilization. The dynamic military gymnasts are perhaps a funny parody, but no less captivating for those who cannot glimpse the toxic and destructive potential of the message which, in a blatant way, they convey.

The College of Teachers of the Fucini schools in Pisa has clearly expressed its clear opposition to the granting of space to the group of GDMs. It would be interesting to know through which bodies the concession of the classrooms to the dynamic military gymnasts was decided, and if the Northern League-based municipality, manager of the premises, decided autonomously to do so, and with what reasons.

Like Cobas, we hope and give our willingness to take a clear and visible position in the city, aimed at denying the concession of school spaces to those who support an idea of ​​a school that is incompatible with the repudiation of war as a means of resolving disputes. international.

Cobas school of Pisa and Livorno

Dynamic Military Gymnastics in Pisa and Livorno: Cobas school against