Elections, hunt for the last vote on TikTok. Here is who is the most followed Italian politician (and who has chosen not to be there)

Missing less and less in the elections on September 25th. And so the politicians, in search of votes, try them all. Even the much demonized TikTok. According to the site techprincesswhich quotes the agency In-Sane Management, “Today 43% of creators are between 21 and 30 years old. 35% between 15 and 20, about 22%, on the other hand, are over 30 ”, reads an article from last June. But who are the most followed leaders? The last to have made his entrance on the social network, in chronological order, is Carlo Calenda. With 10.5 thousand followers and 23.7 thousand ‘likes’, the leader of Action made his debut on the Chinese platform just 3 days ago, saying: “So, let’s land on TikTok. I can’t dance, I look like a drunk bear. I can’t give make-up advice because I have a belly and I’m ugly. However, I can talk to you about politics, books, culture. [..] Let’s try to use this tool in a completely different way, let’s try together ”. Comments? “But when did you ever say with Renzi, were you joking?”, “Entirely different from whom? There are tons of great content accounts“,“ You are great, we are all with you ”. And someone ironed: “But I want to see you dance, at least once”. And speaking of Matteo Renzi, for him no TikTok. Only an account that defines itself as “run by the guys from Italia Viva“, Followed by 15.5 thousand people and with 420.9 thousand ‘likes’. Similar situation for the PD, absent from the hottest platform of the moment. Let’s go up with the numbers and find Giorgia Meloni. The president of Fratelli d’Italia can rely on 95.1 thousand followers and more than 422 thousand ‘likes’. Many times its constituents have forgotten it, Meloni reiterates this in his biography: “Always, everywhere and first of all, Italian”. Her ‘landing’ on TikTok is not very recent, but she too has stepped up the number of posts in the last few days. Most viewed video? Is titled “The delusional mystifications of the left against me continue“. 1.2 million likes and more than 7,000 comments. A success? It doesn’t seem like it. Most users turned against it, praising, instead, Giuseppe Conte. We come therefore to the former premier, today president of the 5 Star Movement. For him 228.7 thousand followers and almost 2 million likes. Even for Conte this is not a last day registration, but recently he is present on TikTok more and more assiduously. The most viewed video has 5.5 million views, viral especially among the very young. “Look guys, look at the proposal made for you by Giorgia Meloni”, the title of the video in reference to the ‘notes for a conservative program’ of the Brothers of Italy party. “I hope that you will win president Giuseppe Conte”, “Too bad that under 18 you can not vote”, “Why discredit others instead of improving their programs?”, Some of the comments below the video. Silvio Berlusconi has landed on the social network in these hours but it does not seem to be much on the piece: video in horizontal style ‘pills of the day’. So who is the most followed politician on TikTok? Yes, just him. Matteo Salvini. “Leader of the League. # 25settembrevotoLega ”, he writes in the bio adding the inevitable tricolor. 527.1 thousand followers and 6.8 million likes. The former Minister of the Interior usually publishes posts in which he addresses his constituents directly. Face in the foreground and slogans in full blast. In short, nothing new. Among the videos fixed in the profile (or those that, according to the creator in question, cannot be missed) there is also one with almost 500 thousand views. White sheet, squares, inscriptions: “Who votes on September 25?“, And then 5 options including, of course, the League. Perhaps Salvini forgets that elementary school children cannot vote? Users remind him: “Like math tests” or: “I thought it was a parody video”.

Elections, hunt for the last vote on TikTok. Here is who is the most followed Italian politician (and who has chosen not to be there) – Il Fatto Quotidiano