Elections, live coverage

Fratoianni: “Well wake up on bills, we’ve been saying it for a year”

“Finally all the other politicians are also talking about power and cost of bills. I’d like to say: Good morning and wake up! They are now aware of the emergency that is bringing millions to their knees families. We have been denouncing it since September a year ago, from the first increases in bills ”. This was stated by the national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni. “And I’m sorry for Calendagenda and his gang, – continues the exponent ofGreen Left Alliance – but the regasification terminal has nothing to do with it. He doesn’t solve the problem right away. They know it and we know it, just waste time ”.

Read: “Do not vote Pd in ​​the colleges is favor on the right”

“It is as Sandro Ruotolo says. In Torre del Greco there will be only one elected and it will be whoever gets the most votes. It can be him, as we hope, or the candidate of the right. No other candidate will be able to finish first. Voting there for another candidate means helping the right and hindering #Ruotolo ”. Like this Enrico Letta on twitter relaunching Sandro Ruotolo’s post.

Letta: “Russia meddles to favor the right”

“There Russia entered this election campaign. There is a strong interference of Russia in favor of the right, because (the Russian government) knows that our position will continue to be in line with the position against Putin “: thus the leader of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Periódico.

Meloni: “Immediately + 50% of the single check”

“Ready to give a support concrete to families. Family quotient is our term goal, but we’ll do something about it big impact immediately: increase thesingle check universal of the 50%. Children are the future and the family is the essential nucleus of the nation ”. The president of the Brothers of Italy writes it on Twitter Giorgia Meloni.

Salvini: “Military conscription is back with me”

“I am convinced and, if you trust us, I will do everything to reintroduce a year of military service for our boys and for our girls it could be very useful ”. The leader of the League said Thursday evening, Matteo Salvini, speaking at an electoral rally in Salerno. Then he added: “It can be done because the law has not annulled, but has only suspended civilian service and compulsory military service”.

Berlusconi praises the foreign policy of his governments

“With our government, in 2010, we came to have only in Italy 4,100 illegal immigrants. With our extraordinary foreign policywe went back to making Italy’s voice heard in the world, managing to bring the USA to an agreement in 2002, the Russia and all the NATO countries, to put an end to the cold war, which had tormented us for more than fifty years ”. He says it Silvio Berlusconi in a video on social media. “I say that, really, we can be proud of what we have managed to do in the almost ten years of our responsibility at Palazzo Chigi. We naturally count, if you give us your support with the vote, to be still protagonists of a common great future ”, concludes the founder of Forza Italia.

Calenda insists: “Let’s stop the election campaign”

“I’ll be back to repeat. Businesses do not reopen. Government is in office for current affairs. Without regasifier in Piombino we risk the rationing. You praised the republican spirit of the speech of Dragons but can’t you stop one day to make a commitment together on energy? ”. Like this Carlo Calenda on twitter.

Read ironically on the posters of the Democratic Party

“Pillow for life”. Enrico Letta comments with irony on the parody of election posters Pd appeared on social networks. In place of the claim with the choice between dem and right on various issues starting from foreign policy (‘With Putin / With Europe. Choose’) on the social networks a card has appeared that proposes a culinary choice: ‘Con la pancetta / With the bacon. You choose. Hence the ironic response of the dem secretary who has no doubts: “Pillow for life”.

Elections, live coverage – Read: “Strong interference by Russia to favor the right”. Meloni: “With us immediately an increase of 50% of the single check” – Il Fatto Quotidiano