Eleven All Stars: Discover the notes given by coach Kameto

Photo: Popcorn

The football match between the France and spain of the stream was great. The rivalry between our two countries continues and the 2-0 victory was celebrated as it should be in the stands and on social media. While waiting for the return match, we imagine that the French influencers will keep these magnificent memories of John Bouin. The entry of the players, the Marseillaise, Sacha’s first goal, Bruce Grannec’s second, the jubilation of victory… It doesn’t happen every day and we may have witnessed a founding moment in the Twitch Gamee. Amine has no limits and we can now multiply the format, especially with other countries or other sports.

But before getting too carried away, let’s take the time to savor. Yesterday, the majority of “The French team” went to the Popcorn set to decipher the match and share new anecdotes with fans. Coach Kameto was necessarily in the game and he took the opportunity to share his grades. Rather generous, he noted his companions well, even if he still put a small cartridge to one of his players. It’s obviously for fun, but coach Said (Square Feet) also present on the set seemed to validate the notation.

Scores ranging from 2 to 10

Kameto rated their players on 10. In The Team, it is rather rare to have the maximum note, but the CEO of Karmine Corp did not hesitate to distribute several. But, he was particularly severe with one of his foals with a small 2… Little clue: he would have spent more time dancing than playing the ball.

  • Michou : 7
  • stainless steel : 2
  • Billy : 6
  • Amine : 7.5
  • domingo : 7
  • Djilsi : 8
  • PFUT : 7
  • Carlito : 8
  • uncle : 7.5
  • Alonz : 10
  • Boom : 10
  • Bruce Grannec : 9
  • Bouzi : 7
  • Brawks : 7
  • Yannou : 10
  • bibi : 5
  • Yass : 6
  • Sasha : 10
  • Arseny : 8
  • zack : 6.5
  • Rivenzi : not rated

Sacha, Yannou and Alonz are therefore the men of the match according to Kameto with the perfect score. However, it was more complicated for stainless steel (2) and bibi (5). The latter was rather well noted, but Kameto underlined that his friend had not had the opportunity to show his true level… Saïd explained in particular that he had entered a difficult period where the Spaniards had the upper hand and pushed to equalize. For those who are surprised at the absence of Rivenzi, know that he could not play. He was injured during the warm-up and did not leave the bench when he was expected to start. Also, don’t take the notes too seriously. Kameto would have made them “at 5 o’clock in the morning”.

Yannou elected MVP of the cat

Three men of the match, that’s a lot… Popcorn’s cat has decided and the survey done during the live has been acclaimed Yannou with 47% of the votes. Very solid in defense in a somewhat thankless position, he however took some liberties at the end of the match to dribble and put on a show. By his own admission, he wanted to make an impression and have fun, especially after such a mentally tiring match. We also imagine that his attitude and his little taunts towards the Spaniards tipped the scales. His simulation parody is a real masterclass.

Solid in defense but also solid in his head, we send him strength. Since the end of the match he has received a lot of harassment on the networks from our rivals. He doesn’t seem particularly affected and takes it with a smile. But this kind of behavior is still unacceptable… Spaniards are embittered.


Despite a victory for the blues in this France-Spain of content creators, our team was also covered in blues, and in particular our captain and organizer of the event, AmineMaTue. A potential long injury, but he wants to be reassuring.

Eleven All Stars: Discover the notes given by coach Kameto