Elon Musk delays launch of Twitter’s blue verification badge

Elon Musk confirmed today that the reintroduction of the “Blue Verified” badge on Twitter, which was expected on November 29, will be temporarily discontinued. Adopting the badge, which costs $8, was one of Elon Musk’s most controversial decisions since he took over the social network last month.

After the service launched, numerous parody accounts that appeared to be verified appeared, prompting memes and criticism. He also mentions that the “Blue Verified” program will not be relaunched until there is high assurance that identity theft will be stopped. Elon Musk tweeted that he will likely use different color verifications for companies and people.

Reports suggest it comes as the push to resurrect former President Donald Trump comes into question. Trump snubbed his Twitter account’s resurrection after the 2021 Capitol riots ahead of the US presidential election. The reinstatement of his Twitter account follows a poll by Musk in which 51% of users voted “yes” to reactivating former President Trump’s account.

It follows a botched overhaul of Twitter’s verification process after Musk acquired the company last month. Within a week, Twitter gave official government accounts badges with a gray check mark and then took them down. He then offered a blue tick for $8 and then terminated that service.

Musk said Twitter will permanently suspend accounts of impersonators who don’t list him as a “parody”. After a rush of parody accounts caused confusion and disorder, Musk said parody streams must now contain “parody” in their name.

A controversial change

The blue tick was once reserved for verified politicians, celebrities, journalists and other public figures. A membership option was launched earlier this month to boost Twitter’s revenue stream as Musk tries to retain advertisers. Musk has made Twitter Blue a top priority within the company, as part of his effort to diversify the company’s revenue away from advertising, which he says has seen a “massive drop” since it began. he took over the management.

While some Twitter users try alternative platforms like Mastodon and Hive, Musk says Twitter added 1.6 million monetizable daily active users this week, hitting an all-time high of 259.4 million.

All members of Twitter’s communications department have been fired or resigned, so there is no one to contact for comment.

Elon Musk delays launch of Twitter’s blue verification badge