Emiliano Sala, the shattered destiny of an Argentinian who never gave up

Emiliano Sala tragically died on January 21, 2019 in a plane crash while traveling to Cardiff to join the Bluebirds. A tragic fate for an atypical player. More

Sala, forever remembered

Emiliano Sala’s life came to an abrupt end on January 21, 2019 when he boarded a plane to reach Cardiff and join the club in the Welsh capital. In a terrible accident, the Argentinian and the pilot of the plane did not survive. The one who should have celebrated his 32nd birthday next October will never be forgotten. The opportunity to remember the player and the person he was.

Emiliano Sala, always remembered. (icon sport)

Football lovers will long remember what they were doing on January 21, 2019, when they learned of the disappearance of Sala’s plane radars. Nor the days that followed, between hope and fatality. The world of football had put aside the club wars, the dusty rivalries that seem so futile when reality hits you hard. The one that reminds you that everything can stop in a fraction of a second.

Tributes to the height of man

Tributes then multiplied on European lawns. Like the poignant return to Beaujoire from FC Nantes against AS Saint-Etienne on January 30, 2019. “ Emiliano, tonight the supporters all have an Argentinian accent“, wrote the Brigade Loire while a huge tifo covered the stands of the Nantes lair.

All the Canaries supporters had met to pay a last tribute to Emiliano Sala, resuming this now sadly famous song. “He’s an Argentinian, who doesn’t give up, Emiliano Sala, Emiliano Sala, Emiliano Sala!“, when the game was stopped in the ninth minute for a minute of applause.

Emi had the rage to win

Wherever he went, Emiliano Sala left his mark. Arriving in Bordeaux within the Proyecto Crecer, it was in 2010 that he settled in Gironde. Loaned to Orléans then to Niort, the Argentinian will never have been able to seize his chance with the Girondins. After a new loan to Caen, it is in Nantes that the atypical striker explodes. 48 goals in 133 matches, and in particular an exceptional last half-season, with 12 goals in 19 matches.

Emiliano Sala, in the colors of FC Nantes, in 2018. (icon sport)
Emiliano Sala, in the colors of FC Nantes, in 2018. (icon sport)

Not necessarily the most gifted, Emiliano Sala worked hard and showed great self-sacrifice to achieve his dream of becoming a professional footballer. He will certainly have had to work twice as hard as the others to achieve his goal, but ended up winning the hearts of the supporters and his coaches. On the other hand, the sense of goal was innate with him, and he demonstrated it throughout his young career. whim of fate, it is by going to rub shoulders with the defenses of the Premier League his life came to an abrupt end. But the image of Emiliano Sala remains intact. That of a warrior, a great man and a player who made each of his weaknesses a strength to always go further.

Here and there, no one forgets you, Emi.

Emiliano Sala, the shattered destiny of an Argentinian who never gave up