Estate Fiorentina, “Pleased to Meet you” the Catalyst review: events until 29 September

June 23, 2022 – 18:13

From the Cascine to Villa Vogel and beyond: research theater, programming for families and much more

from Corriere Fiorentino editorial staff

From tomorrow 24 June to 29 September 2022 the review organized by Catalyst, in the context of the Florentine Summer, ranges between three different proposals that animate different city places: the Ultravox space at the Amphitheater delle Cascine with a program aimed at families, the Mad Murate Art District with the research theater, squares, villas and public parks with the multiethnic choir CONfusion and walks between art and theater to discover the urban landscape. “Pleased to Meet You – explain Riccardo Rombi and Emilia Paternostro of the Catalyst company – wants to redefine new ways of relating between stage and audience. That is, triggering processes of recognition of the other, rapprochement, rediscovery. The artistic choice of conveying contemporary dramaturgy and musical ethnography is the sign of the specificity of our productions “.

We leave tomorrow at Villa Vogel, 6.30 pm, with “CONfusion”, performances and concerts by migrant choristers open to the participation and involvement of the public. The many years of experience of the choir, directed and conceived by Benedetta Manfriani, is a melting pot of music, languages, colors, laboratory and space of contamination of different cultures, musical and artistic genres. “CONfusion” then scheduled, again at 6.30 pm, on 25 June in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, on 28 June at the Manifattura Tabacchi, on 29 June at Parco dell’anconella and continues on 30 June in Piazza dei Ciompi at 21.00 with a traveling show.

The review moves to the Amphitheater of the Cascine Ernesto De Pascale, as part of Ultravox Firenze, with five tout public shows at 18.30: on June 30 the world of popular fairy tales with the narrator of Giorgia Calandrini, accompanied by the musician’s notes Gabriele Savarese, in “The Serpent King”. On 7 July “Hit my heart” the circus show by and with Gaia Ma, winner of the audience award at the Milan Clown Festival 2020. On 14 July “Baloon Show” by and with David Bianchi, aka Giulivo Clown, with juggling numbers and comedy. On 21 July “Sebastian Burrasca”, the character created in 2010 by Fabio Lucignano who whirls in the world of the clown flying over the seas of the classic circus and street art. On July 28th “The cart of Geppo and Fiorenza” with David Bianchi and Dafne Tinti, who from time to time will bring out new objects from their magical cart, setting up a very particular market, between historical hints and juggling skills.

In the Cascine park, on 28 and 29 July, at 6.30 pm, the traveling show by Theandric Teatro non-violent “Peregrini, a riveder le stelle”, an urban walk between art and meditation, to discover the urban landscape. An experiential journey into Dante’s comedy, centered on the XXXIII canto of Paradise, with the use of a meditation technique that Dante himself describes: “So my mind, all suspended, – aimed fixed, motionless and attentive, – and always faceasi turned on “.

In September Pleased to Meet You at the Mad Murate Art District with two other important events: on the 23rd and 24th (time to be defined) “Bestie del ‘900” from the text by Aldo Palazzeschi, with adaptation and direction by Riccardo Rombi. The collection of stories is an irreverent parody of medieval bestiaries and, in presenting the reader with the character and morphology of a dozen animals, ends up describing the human condition admirably. On 27 and 29, at 7.30 pm, “Decaneurone” by and with Riccardo Rombi and live music by Gabriele Savarese. Merchants, prostitutes, apostles, warriors, popes and monstrous creatures, are they our travel companions? Today, perhaps as during the raging plague in 1347, the mechanisms that regulate our social relations appear dry and inhuman to us and we will seek solace in the consoling power of dreams, in an attempt to trace a path on the map of our imagination.

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23 June 2022 | 18:13


Estate Fiorentina, “Pleased to Meet you” the Catalyst review: events until 29 September