Eugenio Derbez confesses to being “team Shakira” and recreates a funny parody with his wife Alessandra Rosaldo

Eugenio Derbez (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Eugenio Derbez (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

MEXICO CITY, January 16 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Since Shakira released “Sessions #53”, along with Bizarrap, the song’s reproductions have skyrocketed, obtaining millions of listeners shortly after its premiere, Because throughout the song, the Colombian singer alludes to her ex-partner Gerard Piqué and the feelings she has experienced before their separation, which has led to divide the opinion of her fans, as there are those who support her and those who support her. they judge; Eugenio Derbez is one of those who support her.

There are already many celebrities who have spoken regarding the interpreter’s new song, well “Sessions #53” has become one of the most commented topics on social networks, since, without any hesitation, Shakira portrayed her emotions before the break with the father of her children, with whom she had a loving relationship since 2012, when she met the former soccer player during the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

Eugenio Derbez, on Shakira’s side

And now, it is Eugenio Derbez, who has spoken about the new topic of the Colombian and, without joking, expressed that he was on Shakira’s side, whom he said he loved very much, despite the fact that they do not communicate very often, however, he assured that he respected the way in which the singer is facing her duel, since she considered that each person experiences different emotions and resorts to different ways to overcome their pain.

“I love Shakira very much, we don’t talk to each other every day, but we have a good relationship and what happened to her hurt me a lot, so I think it’s worth supporting her,” he told the “Venga la alegría” cameras, which captured the actor at the Mexico City airport. “Good for her, I support her”, accurate.

The parody

Shortly after being caught arriving on a flight that would take him back to Los Angeles, Derbez shared a video where he parodies “Sessions #53” with his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, who interprets a song in which he expresses that the comedian’s genes are so decisive that each and every one of his children is practically an identical copy of him. That video already has over 6 million views.

In this single, the singer alludes to Piqué’s new partner, Clara Chía Martí, his mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabéu and the problems he faces with the Treasury, as well as making different comparisons about the athlete letting go of a solid relationship for love with a younger person; Precisely, the content of the subject is what has made public opinion externalize her position, since much has been said that the way in which Shakira is approaching the separation is not healthy or the most correct to move forward.

Among the personalities who have spoken about this song is Michelle Renaud who regretted that the pain of separation led the singer to expose the father of her children. Flor Rubio was another of the people who indicated that, in her opinion, Shakira should already stop referring to her ex-partner in her songs; Both opinions have been highly criticized in networks.

Unlike Renaud and Rubio, Paquita la del Barrio showed all her support and solidarity for Shakira, through a video, in which she needed to understand the singer, whom she encouraged, expressing that she has a lot of life ahead of her and a couple of children to watch over.


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Eugenio Derbez confesses to being “team Shakira” and recreates a funny parody with his wife Alessandra Rosaldo