Eugenio Derbez: this is how the actor humiliated Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Chespirito with a parody | VIDEO

In 2002, one of the programs that raised the audience on the San Ángel television station was televised, we are talking about XH-Derbez, a program that worked as if you were changing the channel every night, a project directed by and starring Eugenio Derbez.

In this program lasting almost an hour, different sketches were seen making fun of situations of daily life and some stumbles of some Famoussame that the producer of today 61 years did not let escape.

Eugenio Derbez had a number of productions Photo: Special

Also, at the time, when he was already breaking the audience levels, he came to make fun of some of his fellow comedians on the show, which caused laughter for the viewers, since it was supposed to be a fairly innocent type of humor; However, for many the saying did not apply, “whoever takes it can endure it”, because on one occasion Eugenio crossed the line with three of his fellow comedians.

Derbez’s first blow

It is nothing more and nothing less than Xavier López, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Roberto Gómez Bolaños, in the characters of “Chabelo, Jorgito and El Chavo del 8, respectively, putting the three in a parody evidencing their television projects, in a supposed contest where Eugenio participates in order to win his own television channel, as the friend of all the children did, under the voices of some imitators.

Jorge Ortiz responded emphatically to the actor in 2004 Photo: Special

“Ask me Ca..”, Derbez begins with this phrase, so that he would put Jorge Ortiz against him, pointing out that he always says his famous phrases for anything like “It was horrible”, “Hear me no”, among others with which he did thousands of viewers laugh at that time.

To this outburst, Eugenio Derbez apologizes in the parody, remembering that what he was doing now was to tell trite jokes to win over his audience. Situation that later in real life in 2004, the producer of “Cero en Conducto” did not find such comments from the actor and launched himself against his colleague for not competing fairly, using the image of his colleagues for the his own benefit. Although the actor who played Shrek’s Donkey said that he never did it with the intention of being disrespectful.

“Chabelo” also came out muddy in the sketch Photo: Special

He shot to kill the three comedians

To take everyone evenly, Eugenio Derbez made the comment in his sketch about Jorge Pinedo “I thought he was very funny just because he was dressed as a boy”, knowing that the hint was for everyone, since the three producers have used children’s characters to reach the little ones.

Thus he continues “shooting to kill” the three producers where they obviously cannot defend themselves, in which in the end, Eugenio fails to win his own channel, because he answered one of the questions Chabelo asked wrongly.


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Eugenio Derbez: this is how the actor humiliated Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and Chespirito with a parody | VIDEO